aerobics - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of aerobics in Hindi

  • एरोबि‍क्‍स

aerobics Definition

  • vigorous exercises, such as swimming or walking, designed to strengthen the heart and lungs. ( जोरदार व्यायाम, जैसे तैरना या चलना, दिल और फेफड़ों को मजबूत करने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया। )

aerobics Example

  • The gym offers yoga therapy, aerobics and callisthenics separately for men and women. ( जिम पुरुषों और महिलाओं के लिए अलग से योग थेरेपी, एरोबिक्स और कैलिसिथेंनिक्स प्रदान करता है। )
  • Is there any evidence that resistance training is better than aerobics ? ( क्या कोई सबूत है कि प्रतिरोध प्रशिक्षण एरोबिक्स से बेहतर है? )
  • These girls are likely to be introduced to new activities such as aerobics , swimming and gym training. ( इन लड़कियों को एरोबिक्स, तैराकी और जिम प्रशिक्षण जैसी नई गतिविधियों से परिचित होने की संभावना है। )
  • Other good bone-building exercises are skipping, aerobics and brisk walking. ( अन्य अच्छे अस्थि-निर्माण अभ्यास लंघन, एरोबिक्स और तेज चलना हैं। )

More Sentence

  • There is also a movement studio for aerobics , yoga and stretch and toning exercises.
  • With that confidence, Giulia increased her workouts to five aerobics classes a week.
  • The class includes general aerobics and pelvic floor exercises to suit all ages.
  • A good exercise programme such as aerobics will also activate and rejuvenate the skin and improve circulation and blood flow.
  • When I return home I want to open up a gymnasium to teach aerobics for people who want to lose weight.
  • Step aerobics, gym ball, aerobics and yoga classes will start soon in Manorhamilton.
  • aerobics studio
  • The combined exercise programme with both aerobics and power is ideal for keeping fit and controlling weight.
  • If you find you don't like the aerobics exercise you're doing, switch to a new one this week
  • By joining a club or aerobics class etc you can meet so many people.
  • But many have no appetite for the horrors of gyms and earnest aerobics .
  • Doctors say they regularly treat people with injuries sustained while doing aerobics or exercising in the gym.
  • Weight loss and gentle movement exercises such as water aerobics are also helpful.
  • Actually she does yoga and aerobics , plays shuttle and table tennis to keep fit.
  • I no longer had time to lift weights, so I just taught aerobics and played sports.
  • I have always despised exercise - especially aerobics or anything involving a gym.
  • I worked out three to four times a week, attending aerobics classes and lifting weights.