butchery - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of butchery in Hindi

  • कसाईखाना
  • कसाईघर
  • बूचड़खाना
  • क़त्लेआम
  • सामूहिक हत्या

butchery Definition

  • the savage killing of large numbers of people. ( बड़ी संख्या में लोगों की बर्बर हत्या। )

butchery Example

  • The Germans dug a defensive line, and trench warfare with all its bloody, pointless butchery ensued for the next four years. ( जर्मनों ने एक रक्षात्मक रेखा खोदी, और अगले चार वर्षों के लिए अपने सभी खूनी, निरर्थक कसाई के साथ खाई युद्ध। )
  • Meantime, the true extreme social conservatives get on with their business of murder and butchery on video. ( इस बीच, सच चरम सामाजिक रूढ़िवादी हत्या पर अपने व्यापार और वीडियो पर कसाई के साथ मिलते हैं। )
  • There is no escaping the fact of the Crusader's savage butchery - of Jews at home and of Muslims abroad. ( घर पर और विदेशों में मुसलमानों के - क्रुसेडर के बर्बर कसाई के तथ्य से कोई बच नहीं रहा है। )
  • The revamp focused on areas of excellence such as the butchery department, fresh meat and fish department, the fruit and vegetable area as well as the deli food counter. ( कसाई उत्कृष्ट क्षेत्र जैसे कसाई विभाग, ताजा मांस और मछली विभाग, फल और सब्जी क्षेत्र के साथ-साथ डेली फूड काउंटर पर केंद्रित है। )
  • If women were in the encampment they would be segregated and would prepare the meal, although slaughter and butchery were men's work. ( यदि महिलाएं अतिक्रमण में थीं तो उन्हें अलग कर दिया जाता था और भोजन तैयार किया जाता था, हालांकि वध और कसाई पुरुषों का काम था। )
  • This is where French butchery comes into its own, as their preparation of only the best parts of the rump will produce a good thick steak. ( यह वह जगह है जहां फ्रांसीसी कसाई अपने आप में आता है, क्योंकि दुम के केवल सबसे अच्छे हिस्सों की उनकी तैयारी एक अच्छी मोटी स्टेक का उत्पादन करेगी। )

More Sentence

  • They also found plenty of animal bones, some of which showed signs of butchery .
  • Disembowellments, lower jaws hewn off, spears piercing thighs, bladders, lungs, eye sockets - each and every one of the harsh clinical, medical details of Homeric butchery .
  • As we do our grisly march through slavery, genocide, and butchery for profit my students often ask, does anyone learn from history?
  • The dominance of head and foot bones from at least six cattle suggests on-site butchery , with the possibility that the meat was distributed for consumption elsewhere.
  • I'm looking for a class for my son who works in a restaurant kitchen on charcuterie or meat butchery in New York City.
  • the rebellions ended in butchery and defeat
  • The meat was supplied by her husband's Haverfordwest butchery business, while the fruit and vegetables came from Redbridge at Fishguard.
  • Murder and mayhem isn't just limited to bare-handed butchery , oh no.
  • ‘It was butchery on a brutal scale,’ said Juan Redondo, an inspector for Madrid Fire Department.
  • He wants the government to round up all the gunmen and their allies, be their military allies or politicians, and force them to pay for their butchery .
  • Across the world, women are persecuted in many, many ways - mutilation, stoning, rape, butchery , denial of basic human rights and too many other atrocities to name here.
  • The slaughter and butchery of 200 cattle and the consumption of 40,000 kilos of beef, even if spread over a year or two, suggest the participation of many communities, perhaps from a whole clan or tribe.
  • The world has got to stop this craven, cloying, tacit support for a religious group, based on the obscenities of the past, regularly regurgitated as justification for 21st century human butchery .
  • The complement consists of the usual non-meat additives as used in meat butchery (for example breadcrumbs and trimmings) and pork butchery (more particularly the authorised food additives and seasonings).
  • Killings were sometimes grotesquely accomplished, with excessive butchery .
  • There is a graphic description, for instance, of the killings in Rwanda and of the butchery of 3,000 Tutsis seeking sanctuary in a church.
  • There were also butchery and sausage-making demonstrations and a chance for the students to make their own Cumberland sausage.
  • First off, I don't really know all that much about animal breeding, husbandry, land use or butchery , and am bound to make a lot of mistakes.
  • By rewriting internecine butchery as ‘reassuring fratricide,’ Shakespeare engages in a politics of collective forgetting that complicates official memory.
  • There is no heroism in butchery , no heroism in suicide, no heroism in writing that invokes, and profits from, the war you have left behind.
  • At Gough's Cave, the human bones interpreted as cannibalised appear among an assemblage of hunted wild fauna, and display a pattern consistent with butchery for meat, including the removal of tongues.
  • What is much more frightening is that there are people in Australia and America who, after seeing the blatant deceit and butchery of these men, are still prepared to support them.
  • Evidence has emerged, however, for a range of service activities, including metalworking, cooking and animal butchery .
  • The centre has already begun to offer practical courses for the agricultural industry across a range of subjects, from butchery to dairy production, from food hygiene to food labelling and microbiology.