adjacent - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of adjacent in Hindi

  • सटा हुआ
  • आसन्न
  • संलग्न
  • निकटस्थ
  • समीपवर्ती
  • पास का

adjacent Definition

  • next to or adjoining something else. ( बगल में या कुछ और बगल में। )
  • (of angles) having a common vertex and a common side. ( (कोणों का) एक सामान्य शीर्ष और एक सामान्य पक्ष है। )

adjacent Example

  • The blond man's study, he was vexed to learn, was locked, but the room adjacent to it was not. ( गोरा आदमी का अध्ययन, वह सीखने के लिए बेचैन था, ताला लगा हुआ था, लेकिन उसके बगल वाला कमरा नहीं था। )
  • The filling station adjacent to the show rooms will not be disturbed during the building works. ( भवन निर्माण कार्यों के दौरान शो रूम से सटे फिलिंग स्टेशन को परेशान नहीं किया जाएगा। )
  • He walked towards the cave exit, which was directly adjacent to the room in which he had slept. ( वह गुफा से बाहर निकलने की ओर चला, जो सीधे उस कमरे से सटा था जिसमें वह सोया था। )
  • The new pergola is adjacent to the dining room and is easily accessible through French doors. ( नया पेर्गोला भोजन कक्ष के निकट है और फ्रेंच दरवाजों के माध्यम से आसानी से पहुँचा जा सकता है। )

More Sentence 

  • At each vertex we consider the angles formed on the adjacent faces at that corner.
  • Finding the public quarters, Viridian and David enter an empty room adjacent to it.
  • Attached to the bedroom was a small comfy washroom, and adjacent to the living room was a kitchen.
  • Walking in further she found the bathroom was adjacent to the dressing room.
  • He pulled me into the other bathroom, adjacent to Joel's room and locked both doors.
  • He kept the prototype in the laundry room, which was adjacent to my bedroom in the basement.
  • He nodded and slipped back into the bathroom adjacent to his room, presumably to spit.
  • The nurse who had just walked in to access the equipment room adjacent to the waiting room sensed the tension.
  • We went to a room adjacent to the main hall, and as we walked in, a detainee was led out with fresh blood around his nose.
  • She turned and saw that there were doors that were adjacent to the room next door.
  • The first morning I stopped abruptly when I heard a squealing pack of rats in a room adjacent to ours.
  • They invite you to get up and visit the wine room adjacent to the dining room.
  • This maneuver served only to strengthen our resolve and we booked a meeting room in a hotel adjacent to the convention site.
  • She stayed in her room on the first floor or in her office adjacent to her room.
  • Doors zipping up and down, the ship appeared to only have one deck, and each room was adjacent to the other.
  • Clive and his friends brought the equipment down from their second floor apartment and set up in the room adjacent to the rec room.
  • The accommodation is competed by a self-contained unit adjacent to the dining room.
  • But we've got a lot of really nifty projects that we're looking at right now that are very entrepreneurial within our core businesses or in an appropriate adjacency , and they're fun.
  • In the gallery, the two bodies of untitled works affirmed the blurred boundary between genres through their adjacency .
  • As with most exhibitions, the adjacencies were clearly telling.
  • Where on the exterior each of these coupled walls meets the next couple in a mute adjacency , internally their contradictions are played out to form intimate and knotted spaces of high tension.
  • Ironically, adjacency didn't necessarily mean accessibility.