abusive - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abusive in Hindi

  • अपमानजनक
  • निंदापूर्ण

abusive Definition

  • extremely offensive and insulting. ( बेहद अपमानजनक और अपमानजनक। )
  • engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty. ( आदतन हिंसा और क्रूरता में संलग्न या विशेषता। )
  • involving injustice or illegality. ( अन्याय या अवैधता को शामिल करना। )

abusive Example

  • The other victim came out and both girls shouted at them using extremely abusive language. ( दूसरी पीड़िता बाहर आई और दोनों लड़कियों ने बेहद अपमानजनक भाषा का इस्तेमाल करते हुए उन पर चिल्लाया। )
  • For decades the prevailing theories tell us that the roots of violence lie in deprived environments and abusive parents. ( दशकों से प्रचलित सिद्धांत हमें बताते हैं कि हिंसा की जड़ें वंचित वातावरण और अपमानजनक माता-पिता में निहित हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Those who attended including women who had been in abusive relationships and sought help through the Women Awake meetings.
  • He also swore and used abusive language to the manager of Cullompton town hall market on the same day.
  • She struggled through divorce, life as a single parent, abusive relationships and another rocky marriage.
  • It was 1875 when the child labour laws cracked down on this abusive practice.
  • Violence, offensive sexual gestures or behaviour, or threatening or abusive language could get patients barred.
  • Society increasingly perceives individuals to be passive victims of abusive and predatory corporations.
  • Not that the oppressive, undemocratic, abusive and illegal proposals are to be binned.
  • There is strong evidence for a link between abusive behaviour and violence in the family of origin.
  • Essentially, the challenge is to catch abusive practices without catching harmless practices, to boot.
  • It is therefore of concern he admits to consuming a large amount of alcohol and to being extremely abusive to probation staff on release.
  • When chased by the teachers they just run through residents' gardens and if the residents complain they get the same foul and abusive language.
  • If you are abused as a child this definitely doesn't mean that you are going to end up in a violent or abusive relationship yourself.
  • If anything, the police were trying to cover up their own abusive practices.
  • Women's Aid did not know why more women in violent and abusive relationships were seeking their help.
  • They say they have to put up with increased noise, foul and abusive language and a complete loss of privacy since the work was completed earlier this year.
  • Their antics included shouting, abusive language and touching the bottom of a young air hostess, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
  • The order prevents him from harming or threatening anyone in the Mirfield area, using abusive or racist language or taking cars without consent.
  • What they are not willing to do, however, is take part in what they view as an illegal and abusive occupation.
  • The previous day, an Athens court ruled that the strike was illegal and abusive .
  • Democracy will struggle to take root if abusive police practices and corrupt judges flourish.
  • Her e-mails revealed that she's been in an emotionally abusive relationship for about a year.
  • He was abusive and insulting to a policeman and as he was placed in a police vehicle, he kicked one officer in the chest.
  • Residents complained the young people were using foul language, being abusive and playing ball games in the street into the early hours of the morning.
  • In fact, the NRA lent support to some of the most abusive criminal justice practices in effect today.
  • The latest move to establish regional offices has created fears of a possible return to repressive and abusive practices.
  • A victim's decision to remain in an abusive relationship may be positively reinforced in several ways.
  • I was in a particularly nasty marriage, a violent and abusive relationship that started the day after the wedding.
  • Individuals should not be allowed to run amok insulting and using abusive language against one another.