abdication - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abdication in Hindi

  • त्याग
  • पदत्याग
  • राज-त्याग
  • अधित्याग
  • राज्यत्याग

abdication Definition

  • an act of abdicating or renouncing the throne. (सिंहासन को त्यागने या त्यागने का कार्य।)
  • failure to fulfill a responsibility or duty. (एक जिम्मेदारी या कर्तव्य को पूरा करने में विफलता।)

abdication Example

  • We have had a complete abdication of responsibility by the Government. (हमें सरकार द्वारा ज़िम्मेदारी का पूरा सामना करना पड़ा है।)
  • On 9 August 1886, he was forced by a group of Russophile Bulgarian officers to sign a statement of abdication. (9 अगस्त 1886 को, उन्हें रसोफाइल बुल्गारियाई अधिकारियों के एक समूह ने दबाव के एक बयान पर हस्ताक्षर करने के लिए मजबूर किया।)
  • He refused to make a formal announcement of his abdication or to come to the capital. (उन्होंने अपने त्याग की औपचारिक घोषणा करने या राजधानी आने से इनकार कर दिया।)

More Sentences

  • The state, on its part, has been impartial in its abdication of responsibility with regard to women of all communities.
  • She became the mistress of Ludwig I in Munich in 1846, an affair which eventually led to the King's abdication in 1848.
  • Its abdication of responsibility pertaining to right wing talk radio is particularly pathetic.
  • Attempting to apprise the mob of Louis-Philippe's abdication , an elderly marshal on a white horse preceded by a trumpeter went unheard.
  • Or there may be a tendency to place too much faith in Fate, which leads to an abdication of personal responsibility.
  • His death was followed 11 months later by King Edward VIII's abdication .
  • we are witnessing an abdication of responsibility on the part of state governments
  • He became King George VI upon the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, later duke of Windsor.
  • On 12 February 1912 an edict of abdication was issued on behalf of the child Emperor.
  • Edward VIII did not marry until after his abdication
  • Garrow offers three basic reasons why he thinks Justice Blackmun is guilty of "a scandalous abdication of judicial responsibility."
  • Meanwhile, Russia's problems did not disappear with the abdication .
  • What we are really witnessing is an abdication of responsibility on the part of European governments for the implementation of a potentially beneficial technology.
  • we are witnessing an abdication of responsibility on the part of European governments
  • The conference at Abernethy ended in the abdication of Constantin.
  • I think the war in Iraq has more to do with the media's abdication of its responsibilities than the deficiencies of our president.
  • King Hussein took the throne in 1952 following the abdication of his ailing father.
  • Spoiling your ballot paper (s) today is an abdication of personal responsibility.
  • The Arizona attorney-general called the situation "a national abdication by the Justice Department."
  • Catering to such people might even be considered an abdication of responsibility for a program director bent on public service.