sweetcorn - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of sweetcorn in Hindi

  • स्वीट कॉर्न

sweetcorn Definition


  • corn of a variety with kernels that have a high sugar content. It is grown for human consumption and is harvested while slightly immature.

sweetcorn Example

  • DBE activity of sweet corn was extremely low and completely lost at 40 DAP. ( स्वीट कॉर्न की डीबीई गतिविधि बेहद कम थी और 40 डीएपी पर पूरी तरह से खो गई थी। )
  • Sweet Corn Soup and two Yeung Chow Fried Rice , please. ( स्वीट कॉर्न सूप और दो यंग चाउ फ्राइड राइस, प्लीज़। )
  • We ate roast chicken, sweet corn, boiled potatoes, some home – made cookies, and a wonderful berry cake. ( हमने रोस्ट चिकन, स्वीट कॉर्न, उबले आलू, कुछ घर में बनी कुकीज और एक लाजवाब बेरी केक खाया। )
  • Every year he grows the best tomatoes and sweet corn in our whole neighborhood. ( हर साल वह हमारे पूरे मोहल्ले में बेहतरीन टमाटर और स्वीट कॉर्न उगाता है। )

More Sentence

  • Technology of quick frozen sweet corn kernel and bar is introduced in this article.
  • Imagine Organic Sweet Corn Soup is a low – fat, meal in minutes.
  • Great baits are lob worm, canned sweet corn and bread flake, please do not keep you baits inside our holiday home.
  • Sweet Corn Gardening Tips - Learn to grow your own delicious sweet corn Gardening Tips - Learn to grow your own delicious sweet corn, organically!
  • I got twelve bushels of beans, and eighteen bushels of potatoes, beside some peas and sweet corn.
  • They may raid new potato crops, dig up carrots and damage sweet corn.
  • She searched every car that she came across and, in the late afternoon, she found a tin of sweetcorn and a box of Tampons under the passenger seat of an old Rover.
  • When the man sitting at a nearby table shook his head, Karla dolloped a generous portion of tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise mix on it, arranged some salad around the plate, and carried it over to the table.
  • Follow this step-by-step method to making delicious golden sweet corn.
  • If the climate changes a bit more, he could grow sweet corn in the south and wheat in the north.
  • Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn. Garrison Keillor
  • Among the other vegetables hit hard were cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and sweet corn.
  • I have solved the corn crisis by dedicating a single bed to growing sweet corn.