stempede - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of stempede in Hindi


  • भगदड़
  • पशुओं की आकस्मिक भगदड़
  • हलचल का पलायन
  • शीघ्र-गति
  • खलबली
  • हड़बड़ी

stempede Definition


  • a sudden panicked rush of a number of horses, cattle, or other animals.


  • (of horses, cattle, or other animals) rush wildly in a sudden mass panic.

stempede Example

  • the herd was fleeing back to the high land in a wild stampede ( झुंड एक जंगली भगदड़ में वापस उच्च भूमि की ओर भाग रहा था )
  • don't let them stampede us into anything ( उन्हें हमें किसी भी चीज़ में भगदड़ न करने दें )
  • Nome was the scene of a great gold mining stampede in 1900. ( नोम 1900 में एक महान सोने के खनन भगदड़ का दृश्य था। )  
  • As people were trying to get out, a stampede ensued and several people were trampled. ( जैसे ही लोग बाहर निकलने की कोशिश कर रहे थे, भगदड़ मच गई और कई लोगों को कुचल दिया गया। )

More Sentence

  • Several fans were injured in the stampede for the store.
  • Yank the fire alarm and keep the camera ready when they stampede for the exits.
  • In the dry, conditions resemble a cattle stampede, and riders struggle not to choke on the dust.
  • When the shots rang out, there was a stampede as patrons fled the nightclub.  
  • The horses may run in a stampede if they are frightened.  
  • Since the store has only a few copies of the popular videogame, its manager is expecting a stampede when the doors are opened.  
  • As soon as the whistle sounds, the kids will stampede through the park in search of Easter eggs.  
  • Some move forward to intervene, others stampede for the exits.
  • In the ensuing folk rock stampede, Vanguard never did reap the huge folk rock sales of Columbia or even its indie rival Elektra.
  • This will be telling you to join the stampede of people rushing to the bar to order their last drink of the evening!
  • Dodging a charging cheetah or causing an elephant stampede is just a typical afternoon for tiny Tarzan!
  • He gave them a wide berth, but the 2 guys a little distance in front ran very close and nearly started a stampede.
  • a stampede of bargain hunters