dandelion - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dandelion in Hindi

  • सिंहपर्णी
  • पीले फूल का एक प्रकार का पौधा जिसके पत्ते दनदानेदार होते हैं
  • कुकरौंधा
  • पीले फूल का एक पाक्रर का पौधा

dandelion Definition

a widely distributed weed of the daisy family, with a rosette of leaves, bright yellow flowers followed by globular heads of seeds with downy tufts, and stems containing a milky latex. ( डेज़ी परिवार का एक व्यापक रूप से वितरित खरपतवार, पत्तियों की एक रोसेट के साथ, चमकदार पीले फूलों के साथ बीजदार टफ्ट्स के साथ गोलाकार सिर, और एक दूधिया लेटेक्स युक्त उपजी। )

dandelion Example

  • In his pasture, edible weeds like dandelion , chicory, quack grass and even stinging nettles are allowed to thrive. ( उनके चारागाह में, खाद्य पदार्थों जैसे डंडेलियन, चिकोरी, क्वैक घास और यहां तक कि चुभने वाले जाल को पनपने दिया जाता है। )
  • Control broadleaf weeds such as the dreaded dandelion in early fall when they germinate. ( जब वे अंकुरित होते हैं, तो शुरुआती समय में खूंखार सिंहपर्णी पर नियंत्रण करते हैं। )
  • Taking herbal remedies such as alfalfa, garlic, aloe vera, dandelion , red clover and psyllium hulls is one method. ( अल्फला, लहसुन, मुसब्बर वेरा, सिंहपर्णी, लाल तिपतिया घास और psyllium पतवार जैसे हर्बल उपचार एक विधि है। )
  • True to Chris's intentions, the two acre garden is fresh with scent and the colours of cowslips and foxgloves, daffodils and dandelions . ( क्रिस के इरादों के लिए सच है, दो एकड़ का बाग खुशबू के साथ ताजा है और गायों और लोमड़ियों, डैफोडील्स और डंडेलियन के रंगों के साथ। )
  • There were flowers she recognized, like daisies, dandelions and forget-me-nots. ( फूलों को वह पहचानती थी, जैसे डेज़ी, सिंहपर्णी और भूल-भुलैया। )

More Sentence

  • The people in charge of arranging such operations know full well that dandelions come into flower at much the same time as our daffodils and then take over as the daffodils fade away.
  • Her feet dragged along the packed dirt roads; bright yellow dandelions , crimson roses, all waved at her as she walked by.
  • If you can spare a corner out of the garden limelight, encourage dandelions and clover; these humble plants are attractive nectar sources.
  • The seeds grow into new dandelions because everyone blows them.
  • Fennel, dandelions , and chicory are three with beautiful flowers that attract bees and beneficial insects.
  • The plants sprouting now include grasses, clovers, dandelions , several types of thistle, mustards, and small composites.
  • Tough, old dandelions and some other weeds at times require two treatments.
  • She was gathering daisies, posies, dandelions , bluebonnets, roses, tulips.
  • One of the most enchanting sights of the English countryside is seeing a field of dandelions in seed, wafted by a gust of wind sending myriads of them into the air, as thick as smoke.
  • Carlson also wages a summer-long battle with dandelions and red clover that he can only eradicate by hand.
  • Lilies, roses, dandelions , tulips, and other flowers surrounded them in this natural blanket.
  • Ground ivy and poison ivy grow in shade, while dead nettle, dandelions , and clover thrive in fertile soil.
  • There are some plants we would rather did not flourish, such as dandelions or Japanese knotweed.
  • Where there weren't any trees, there were overgrown weeds and brambles and dandelions .
  • You can hang pots on the walls, grow plants in old paint tubs and watch the daisies and dandelions sprout between the paving slabs of the front path.