siblings - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of siblings in Hindi

  • एक माँ की संताने
  • समाभासी
  • सहोदर

siblings Definition

each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister. ( प्रत्येक दो या दो से अधिक बच्चों या संतानों में एक या दोनों माता-पिता समान हैं; एक भाई या बहन। )

siblings Example

  • Is it common for first time sexual experiences to be with a sibling or cousin around the same age? ( क्या पहली बार यौन अनुभव एक ही उम्र के भाई-बहन या चचेरे भाई के साथ होना आम है? )
  • The emphasis was on caring for the sick brother or sister and often the sibling got left in the shadows. ( बीमार भाई या बहन की देखभाल करने पर जोर दिया गया था और अक्सर भाई-बहन छाया में रह जाते थे। )
  • And the death of a younger sibling is a different thing to the death of a parent. ( और एक छोटे भाई-बहन की मृत्यु एक माता-पिता की मृत्यु के लिए एक अलग बात है। )
  • These games offer an opportunity for the viewers to play them alone or with the help of an older sibling or parent. ( ये गेम दर्शकों को अकेले या बड़े भाई-बहन या माता-पिता की मदद से उन्हें खेलने का अवसर प्रदान करते हैं। )
  • His brother Craig was also a junior referee and their younger sibling , Neil, won the bronze in his group. ( उनके भाई क्रेग भी एक जूनियर रेफरी थे और उनके छोटे भाई, नील, ने अपने समूह में कांस्य जीता। )
  • It is not uncommon for the sibling of a child with autism to simply feel their parents do not love them as much. ( यह आत्मकेंद्रित के साथ एक बच्चे के भाई-बहन के लिए असामान्य नहीं है कि वे महसूस करें कि उनके माता-पिता उन्हें उतना प्यार नहीं करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • My brothers middle name is Paul, the name my missing sibling would have had.
  • It is also to be borne in mind that the appellant's family comprise his parents and three siblings .
  • You will need help at some point, ask parents, siblings , teachers and friends for support.
  • This pattern is matched by the way in which the siblings of one's parents are named.
  • I do not know if there were any other siblings or if their parents had any brothers or sisters.
  • You can tackle your parents, elder siblings or friends for possible placements.
  • You may wish for them to observe you as parents or older siblings while they use it.
  • Her name was included on that list together with her parents and siblings .
  • His elder sister is the biographer Antonia Fraser and four other siblings also write books.
  • A man came to load it onto the bus as we ran to find Ranwen's parents and siblings .
  • Alexander had 13 siblings and only one of them survived, a sister who became a doctor.
  • Insurers wanted to know more about what our parents died from and our siblings suffered with.
  • He joins his parents and siblings for breakfast, basic roti and pumpkin with a cup of tea.
  • If you do not have children or parents then siblings or further removed relatives may benefit.