pettifogging - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of pettifogging in Hindi

  • धोखे का
  • गपशप करनेवाला
  • अफ़वाह उड़ानेवाला
  • छल-संबंधी
  • जालसाजीपूर्ण
  • कानूनी छलयुक्‍त
  • साधारण व्‍यावसायिकतापूर्ण

pettifogging Definition


placing undue emphasis on petty details. (क्षुद्र विवरणों पर अनुचित जोर देना।)


quibble about petty points. (क्षुद्र बिंदुओं के बारे में समझानेवाला।)

pettifogging Example

  • These concerns for purity should not be understood as pettifogging legalism. (पवित्रता के लिए इन चिंताओं को पेटीफॉगिंग वैधता के रूप में नहीं समझा जाना चाहिए।)
  • Their concern was brushed off as a pettifogging detail rather than an understandable concern. (उनकी चिंता को समझने योग्य चिंता के बजाय एक पेटीफ़ॉगिंग विवरण के रूप में मिटा दिया गया था।)

More Sentence

  • The one thing that Labour has been entirely consistent about is its pettifogging parliamentarism, its proceduralism, its gradualism and its timidity before capital and the Establishment.
  • Only the most Lilliputian of political outlooks could consider these kind of pettifogging government measures ‘bold and far-reaching’.
  • Either they have no idea what is at stake, or they place pettifogging bureaucracy above all else.