mention - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of mention in Hindi


  • उल्लेख
  • हवाला
  • कथन
  • ज़िक्र


  • उल्लेख करना
  • हवाला देना
  • उद्धरण देना
  • ज़िक्र करना
  • वर्णन
  • वर्णित करना

mention Definition


  • refer to something briefly and without going into detail.


  • a reference to someone or something.

mention Example

  • two other points are worthy of mention ( दो अन्य बिंदु उल्लेख के योग्य हैं )
  • their eyes light up at a mention of Sartre ( उनकी आँखें सार्त्र के एक उल्लेख पर प्रकाश डालती हैं )
  • he received a special mention and a prize of $100 ( उन्हें एक विशेष उल्लेख और $ 100 का पुरस्कार मिला )
  • she made no mention of her disastrous trip to Paris (उसने पेरिस की अपनी विनाशकारी यात्रा का कोई उल्लेख नहीं किया  )

More Sentence

  • She did not mention her mother's absence.
  • I forgot to mention something important.
  • He did not mention the quarrel with his wife.
  • You are the first and only one to whom I mention this, because I like you.
  • It was advisable for you not to mention that.
  • Did somebody mention my name?
  • The very mention of her singing made her squirm uncomfortably.
  • I hadn't really noticed Tom got a haircut until you mentioned it.
  • Vulnerable to mention that I do not what kind of love.
  • No mention of her yet.
  • John was mentioned in the paper.
  • I'm sorry about your car and the rest of your things, but please don't mention money.
  • They mentioned having been there. 
  • He didn't even mention skiing.