intervention - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of intervention in Hindi

  • हस्तक्षेप
  • व्यवधान
  • बीच-बचाव
  • अंतःक्षेप
  • बीच में पड़ना

intervention Definition

  • the action or process of intervening. ( हस्तक्षेप करने की क्रिया या प्रक्रिया। )

intervention Example

  • Parents want autism to be diagnosed as early as possible, and early intervention may improve long term outcomes.
  • a high degree of state intervention in the economy
  • More and more problems are seen as amenable to medical intervention .
  • This suggests that the intervention improved clinical selection of cases for sputum sampling.
  • A call went out for immediate protests this weekend against the danger of U.S. military intervention .
  • It is important to draw attention to this because it was a fully armed intervention under the Democrats.
  • Does the goal of defending or developing democracy justify military intervention and occupation of a country?
  • One child exhibited odd behaviour and one mild respiratory depression requiring no medical intervention .
  • the administration was reported to be considering military intervention
  • the government was reported to be considering military intervention
  • Globalisation accelerates both the economic and military impact of imperialist intervention .
  • Surgical intervention or, less commonly, thrombolytic therapy is indicated.
  • While McDonald spoke of a limited operation, military intervention has a logic of its own.
  • they're calling for urgent UN intervention
  • At the moment, one in three births involves complications requiring medical intervention .
  • The data will be analysed for possible trends and ways to improve and target medical intervention .
  • Underlying this was a fear of French intervention in Irish affairs.
  • Some of these artists have drawn on their own experience of the effects of illness and medical intervention on their bodies.
  • thank you for that useful intervention
  • State intervention is considered quite acceptable in these circumstances.
  • Firstly comes direct intervention in the affairs of another country.
  • There is growing global resentment concerning Americas policy of intervention in global affairs.
  • On my campus, there have been debates about whether any military intervention can be defended.
  • as her health worsened, her daughters considered staging an intervention
  • Now is the time for pharmacological intervention , done under medical supervision.
  • Such military intervention served to fuel these proxy wars rather than stop them.
  • two patients were referred for surgical intervention
  • it must have been divine intervention
  • military intervention
  • Lack of medical intervention can lead to disability, pain, and reduced functioning.