indigenous - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of indigenous in Hindi

  • देशज


  • स्वदेशी
  • देशज
  • स्वदेश में उत्पन्न
  • देशी
  • स्थानीय
  • देशीय

indigenous Definition


  • originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

indigenous Example

  • coriander is indigenous to southern Europe ( धनिया दक्षिणी यूरोप के लिए स्वदेशी है )
  • The most indigenous inhabitants were the American Indians. ( सबसे अधिक स्वदेशी निवासी अमेरिकी भारतीय थे। )
  • Coffee of several species is indigenous and grows wild. ( कई प्रजातियों की कॉफी स्वदेशी है और जंगली बढ़ती है। )
  • The Inca empire extended into northwest Argentina, further south the indigenous people were nomadic hunters. ( इंका साम्राज्य उत्तर-पश्चिम अर्जेंटीना में फैला हुआ था, आगे दक्षिण में स्वदेशी लोग खानाबदोश शिकारी थे। )

More Sentence

  • They were looking for indigenous Australians.
  • I appeal to you as the big chief of this country to support the millions of indigenous people like us around the world by signing the convention.
  • The class of students enjoyed learning about unusual animals that are indigenous and found naturally in the wild in North America.  
  • Because all of the ingredients of the product are found in the walls of desert caves, the final product is considered to be indigenous to the desert.  
  • The marine scientists were confused when they found a species of fish that was not indigenous to the ocean water.  
  • Since the native tribes had no means of travelling, all of the food they ate was indigenous to their own communities.  
  • Because these trees require very moist temperatures to grow, they are only indigenous in rain forests.  ?
  • He is more indigenous even than the natives.
  • Since 1980, nearly 300 indigenous people have died in custody in prison cells or police lockups.
  • Indigenous animals are not well-suited to be domesticated and assist in farming.
  • The Hatti or Hattians were a race of indigenous people who lived in Central Anatolia.
  • the indigenous peoples of Siberia