February - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of February in Hindi


February Definition


  • the second month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of winter.

February Example

  • a freezing February morning.(एक ठंड फरवरी की सुबह।)
  • even in February the place is busy.(फरवरी में भी जगह व्यस्त है।)
  • He joined the Army in February 1943.(वह फरवरी 1943 में सेना में शामिल हुए।)
  • Yesterday the town reached its highest ever February temperature.(कल शहर फरवरी के अपने उच्चतम तापमान पर पहुंच गया।)
  • On February 12th he put up for sale a second tranche of 32 state-owned companies.(12 फरवरी को उन्होंने 32 राज्य के स्वामित्व वाली कंपनियों की दूसरी किश्त बिक्री के लिए रखी।)
  • The February air was soft, cool, and inviting.(फरवरी की हवा नरम, ठंडी और आमंत्रित करने वाली थी।)

More sentences

  • In February 1967 he introduced the Shipbuilding Industry Bill.
  •  February is the second month of the year.
  •  We moved house last February/are moving house next February.
  •  From January 1st to February 1st is one calendar month.
  •  The baby was conceived in February and born in November.
  •  He took over from the previous headmaster in February.
  • On the 28th of February they celebrated her thirtieth birthday.
  • It was unseasonably warm for the end of February, but this was the time of year that they might expect a few nice days.
  • The film opened in US cinemas on February 10 and met with lukewarm reviews.
  • February 14th is Valentine’s Day.
  • We had a short vacation in February.
  • He was born on 8th February.