false teeth - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of false teeth in Hindi

  • नकली दातं

false teeth Definition


  • artificial teeth held in the mouth on a removable plate or frame; dentures.

false teeth Example

  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids, false teeth, limb braces, and other assistive technologies possess a quality of easy reversibility. ( चश्मा, श्रवण यंत्र, झूठे दांत, अंग ब्रेसिज़ और अन्य सहायक तकनीकों में आसान प्रतिवर्तीता का गुण होता है। )
  • I knew a man who pledged his false teeth. ( मैं एक ऐसे व्यक्ति को जानता था जिसने अपने झूठे दांत गिरवी रखे थे। )
  • The aids include hearing aids, false teeth or artificial hips, and they are substitutes for the physical attributes of a normal, healthy person. ( एड्स में श्रवण यंत्र, झूठे दांत या कृत्रिम कूल्हे शामिल हैं, और वे एक सामान्य, स्वस्थ व्यक्ति की शारीरिक विशेषताओं के विकल्प हैं। )
  • They are to be bitten with false teeth but only after they have twice deserved a bite. ( उन्हें झूठे दांतों से काटा जाना है, लेकिन केवल दो बार काटने के बाद ही। )

More Sentence

  • Tim is sporting a curly blonde wig, beauty spot and false teeth.
  • We surrender anything from jewelry to false teeth left by our clients.
  • At our booth, Grandpa nearly lost his false teeth in his coffee cup.
  • People would lose false teeth, faint, there would be cracked ribs,
  • York is also home to dental equipment and false teeth giant, Dentsply Sirona.
  • Slamat said he planned to toss the false teeth off an Amsterdam ferry.
  • He enjoyed outrageous practical jokes, like hiding a friend's false teeth.
  • He thinks Washington actually had wooden false teeth.
  • It is the world's leading exporter of false teeth.
  • He sounds like he has ill fitting false teeth.
  • Many a true word is spoken through false teeth.
  • There, on the sink, were his mother's false teeth.
  • Smiles at the world through a set of false teeth.
  • His lips were intensely smiling and his false teeth shone.
  • It's difficult to see false teeth in a sentence .
  • Will a fat suit get Murphy back on track when false teeth didn't?
  • Glover said, however, that the agency generally doesn't auction false teeth.
  • Hundreds of Southsiders wouldn't consider wearing false teeth not made by Forrest Turner.
  • That was why they introduced charges for false teeth and glasses in 1951.
  • I understand that also to mean the provision of such things as false teeth.
  • People do not wear false teeth for extravagant reasons: they wear them because they cannot eat.