enunciate - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of enunciate in Hindi


  • उच्चारित करना
  • प्रतिज्ञा करना
  • प्रतिपादन करना

enunciate Definition


  • say or pronounce clearly.

enunciate Example

  • But it was one thing to enunciate such magnificent theories in a lecture, and quite another to apply them in the market-place. ( लेकिन एक व्याख्यान में इस तरह के शानदार सिद्धांतों को प्रस्तुत करना एक बात थी, और उन्हें बाजार में लागू करना बिल्कुल दूसरी बात थी। )
  • Probably not, unless there are other factors involved, such as language development, physical problems, or home influences such as how parents communicate or enunciate words. ( शायद नहीं, जब तक कि इसमें अन्य कारक शामिल न हों, जैसे कि भाषा का विकास, शारीरिक समस्याएं, या घरेलू प्रभाव जैसे कि माता-पिता कैसे संवाद करते हैं या शब्दों का उच्चारण करते हैं। )
  • The speech coach reminded the students to enunciate their words so people could comprehend what they were saying.  ( भाषण कोच ने छात्रों को याद दिलाया कि वे अपने शब्दों को स्पष्ट करें ताकि लोग समझ सकें कि वे क्या कह रहे हैं। )

More Sentence

  • As the teacher gave instructions, she was careful to enunciate each step of the process so her young students would not be confused.  
  • Heather knew she was in trouble when her father started to speak slowly and enunciate his words in a loud voice.  
  • At my favorite hotel, the staff always knows what I want before I enunciate my desires.  
  • His first subject was Aaron Baumann, a co-religionist, whom he taught to enunciate the letters of the alphabet, and to articulate certain ordinary phrases.
  • The rest either enunciate the religion as explained above, or describe the means adopted by the king for propagating it, or acting in accordance with it.
  • Such was the Buddha's gospel, as his most ancient scriptures enunciate it.
  • Not a single document exists in which that sense of ' mission ' is directly enunciated. 
  • Both of her readings are fluent, color fully intoned, and with carefully enunciated literary standard pronunciation.