entitled - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of entitled in Hindi

  • हकदार
  • स्वत्वाधिकारी

entitled Definition


  • believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

entitled Example

  • kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them ( बच्चे जो इतना हकदार महसूस करते हैं और सोचते हैं कि दुनिया उनके इर्द-गिर्द घूमेगी )
  • Howie is entitled his time away from here too. ( होवी यहां से भी दूर अपने समय के हकदार हैं। )
  • Lord mayors are entitled to be addressed as "right honourable." ( लॉर्ड मेयर्स को "सही माननीय" के रूप में संबोधित करने का अधिकार है। )
  • There is in the British Museum a poem printed in 1666, entitled Letter to the bishop of Munster containing a Panegyrick of his heroick achievements in heroick verse. ( ब्रिटिश संग्रहालय में 1666 में छपी एक कविता है, जिसका शीर्षक लेटर टू द बिशप ऑफ मुंस्टर है, जिसमें वीर पद्य में उनकी वीर उपलब्धियों का एक पैनगरिक है। )

More Sentence

  • At this crisis the hands of Orange and the patriotic party were greatly strengthened by a new compact entitled " The Union of Brussels," which was extensively signed es eciall in the southern Netherlands.
  • Because I am a senior citizen, I am entitled to several discounts for the elderly.  
  • The only people entitled to eat at the farm are the people who labor there each day.  
  • He felt entitled to sex, no matter what she said.
  • The family is entitled to whatever it can get as well.
  • This only entitles you to the most basic services, however.
  • It's difficult to see entitled in a sentence .
  • In one piece, entitled " The Visit,"
  • Introducing the exhibition entitled " Saved Twice Over,"
  • If they qualify for it, they are entitled to it.
  • The public is entitled to know when someone remains a menace,
  • No one else in the sect was entitled to the melons.
  • Since Mary’s husband is a member of the fitness center, she is entitled to use the facility without paying extra.  
  • Hotel guests who check out early are not entitled to a refund.  
  • It is represented in the south-west of North America by other forms that by some writers are deemed species, and in the northern parts of South America by the C. phoeniceus, which would really seem entitled to distinction.
  • his pompous, entitled attitude