effortless - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of effortless in Hindi


  • सरल
  • उदासीन
  • निष्क्रय
  • निष्क्रिय
  • आसान
  • निरुद्योगी
  • निरुद्यमी

effortless Definition


  • requiring no physical or mental exertion.

effortless Example

  • her effortless sense of style ( शैली की उसकी सहज भावना )  
  • Jessi gasped at the effortless display of power. ( जेसी शक्ति के सहज प्रदर्शन पर हांफने लगी। )
  • His movements were restrained and fluid, effortless like those of a great cat. ( उसकी हरकतें संयमित और तरल थीं, एक बड़ी बिल्ली की तरह सहज। )
  • On television and in the stands, winning often appeared effortless. ( टेलीविज़न पर और स्टैंड्स में, जीतना अक्सर सहज दिखाई देता था। )

More Sentence

  • Her solos are harmonically rich, with a seemingly effortless elegance.
  • Spinach and risotto baked casserole ( Effortless Elegance with Colin Cowie)
  • The same cool calculation masked by an effortless technique, the same
  • Cheyenne stepped up and swung to the saddle with the effortless ease of the old hand.
  • A religion of effortless adoration may be a religion for an angel but never for a man.
  • She sprang past me and lifted Marcia with smooth, effortless strength, as if she were nothing.
  • Graceful and effortless as the mounting lark, Reginald Currier rose and soared.
  • Items which glide effortless into the brain in desultory reading are not so easily remembered if the examination is in store.
  • Mary moved along frictionless grooves, and to forecast her actions was so effortless that it was automatic.
  • The undulating lift of the big chestnut was as easy and effortless and sustained as a smooth, rolling swell.
  • For the first time all year, his play seemed effortless.
  • He was understated and effortless in the style of Joe DiMaggio.
  • At highway speeds, the engine relaxed into an effortless hum.
  • Near the top, two Indian women descended with effortless strides.
  • It all looked so effortless just a few short weeks ago.
  • You will want this process to be effortless.
  • From the outside, writing can often seem effortless.
  • He brought the tool down in a smooth effortless motion that cut the grass neatly.
  • went up the steps in two effortless bounds