drunkely - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of drunkely in Hindi

  • नशे में

drunkely Definition


  • He staggered drunkenly towards the door.

drunkely Example

  • Fed up, he drunkenly steals his unfriendly wifes (an uncredited Courtney Cox) luxury car and drives it into a multi-car pileup. ( तंग आकर, वह नशे में अपनी अमित्र पत्नी (एक बिना श्रेय वाली कर्टनी कॉक्स) लक्जरी कार चुरा लेता है और उसे एक बहु-कार ढेर में चला देता है। )
  • Baseball can keep drunkenly veering away from what made it great. ( बेसबॉल नशे में उस चीज़ से दूर रह सकता है जिसने इसे महान बनाया। )
  • When Steel saw the photographer, he lunged at him drunkenly. ( स्टील ने फोटोग्राफर को देखा तो शराब के नशे में उस पर झपट पड़ा। )
  • Towns throughout Boumerdes were devastated, with many buildings tilted drunkenly. ( पूरे बुमेरदेस के शहर तबाह हो गए थे, कई इमारतें नशे में झुकी हुई थीं। )

More Sentence

  • Jacqueline drunkenly tells Cornelia of how Simon left her for Linnet.
  • Dana drunkenly denied that she called.
  • I hope not he said, slurring drunkenly.
  • They forced themselves drunkenly up the mountain.
  • Tragus staggered to his feet, cursing drunkenly.
  • He staggered as the walls of the tent swayed drunkenly.
  • The Entrepreneur drunkenly beats the patron to death with his pistol.
  • Bits of shattered dock bobbed drunkenly on the gray-green waves.
  • He calls Justine a whore and drunkenly demands an apology.
  • Daniel drunkenly visits, temporarily claiming Bridget's attention.
  • P閜el find Natasha drunkenly enjoying the inspector's company.
  • The rest of us stagger about drunkenly, spill things often and expend huge amounts of energy just staying in one place.