dries - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dries in Hindi

  • सूख जाता है

dries Definition


  • to control or operate a car, train, bus, etc.

dries Example

  • I dries some more bieces to write. ( मैं लिखने के लिए कुछ और बाइसेप्स सुखाता हूं। )
  • In summer it dries up and is then full of sed ges. ( गर्मियों में यह सूख जाता है और फिर सेज से भर जाता है। )
  • It dries quickly and is remarkably durable. ( यह जल्दी सूख जाता है और उल्लेखनीय रूप से टिकाऊ होता है। )
  • But their former tributaries no longer run their full course: the glacier-fed Zarafshan dries up amid the gardens of Bokhara soon after emerging from the highlands; and the Tejen and the Murghab lose themselves in the recesses of the Kara-kum desert. ( लेकिन उनकी पूर्व सहायक नदियाँ अब अपना पूरा प्रवाह नहीं चलाती हैं: हिमनद से पोषित ज़राफ़शान उच्चभूमि से निकलने के तुरंत बाद बोखरा के बगीचों के बीच सूख जाता है; और तेजेन और मुर्गब कारा-कुम रेगिस्तान के खांचे में खुद को खो देते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • The air which kills germs dries out the very newspapers.
  • They say red paint dries quickest.
  • That which dries on the incisions in the tree is called " bola " or " burucha," and is said to be highly prized in New York.
  • She bathes your feet and dries them on nice warm towels.
  • It dries a pleasing brown, not unlike old oak.
  • In Tucson, Arizona, Barbara dries them on her roof, spreading the tomatoes on oiled screens under cheesecloth tents to foil the birds.  
  • Then, when the sun finally comes out and the soil dries, it forms a hard, cracked surface.  
  • Sox is an actor who dries at an audition because he cannot relate to the character of a township gangster.  
  • It promotes healing and dries up the inner ear canker as well as the external areas that may become sore and moist from the canker discharge.  
  • Because the oil-based paint comes in small cans and dries quickly, he can't mix or blend large amounts.  
  • While paint dries, cut a 5-inch square of self-adhesive laminate, then draw a 4-inch-diameter circle in its center.
  • Even Lady Rodney dries her tears and looks up expectantly.
  • It dries up in the summer and has water only in a few pools.