drape - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of drape in Hindi


  • टांगना
  • ढांकना
  • सजाना
  • वस्र पहनाना
  • लटकाना


  • परदा
  • चिलमन

drape Definition


  • arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something.


  • the way in which a garment or fabric hangs.

drape Example

  • by fixing the band lower down you obtain a fuller drape in the fabric ( बैंड को नीचे की ओर फिक्स करके आप कपड़े में एक फुलर ड्रेप प्राप्त करते हैं )
  • The drape parted, followed by shuffled footsteps, and Martha opened the door. ( ड्रेप अलग हो गया, उसके बाद कदमों में फेरबदल किया और मार्था ने दरवाजा खोला। )
  • As opposed to the building's frontal draped facade, the rear volumes are left exposed to view. ( इमारत के ललाट ड्रेप्ड मुखौटा के विपरीत, पीछे की मात्रा को देखने के लिए खुला छोड़ दिया गया है। )  

More Sentence

  • The arm around her shoulders dropped to drape loosely around her waist.
  • A drape had been torn from the dining room and the cord used to tie Fred.
  • You can hang decorative baby quilts and blankets on the
  • walls or drape them across a chair.
  • Many fishing nets drape over the stern of the wreck.
  • Set into the eastern corner is the sacred stone, covered by an elaborately embroidered black drape.