dock - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dock in Hindi

  • गोदी
  • डॉक
  • जहाजघाट


  • बंदरगाह
  • कठघरा
  • कटघरा
  • चूक
  • चुक्र


  • बाल छोटा करना
  • संक्षिप्त करना
  • घटाना
  • कमी करना

dock Definition


  • a device in which a laptop computer, smartphone, or other mobile device may be placed for charging, providing access to a power supply and to peripheral devices or auxiliary features; a docking station.
  • the solid bony or fleshy part of an animal's tail, excluding the hair.
  • the enclosure in a criminal court where a defendant is placed.
  • a coarse weed of temperate regions, with inconspicuous greenish or reddish flowers. The leaves are popularly used to relieve nettle stings.


  • (of a ship) tie up at a dock, especially in order to load or unload passengers or cargo.
  • deduct (something, especially an amount of money).

dock Example

  • The user wants to dock a portable into a desktop computer ( उपयोगकर्ता पोर्टेबल को डेस्कटॉप कंप्यूटर में डॉक करना चाहता है )
  • I can take you to the dock on the other side. ( मैं तुम्हें दूसरी तरफ गोदी में ले जा सकता हूं। )
  • In the city there is one small dock which can be used only at full tide. ( शहर में एक छोटा गोदी है जिसका उपयोग केवल पूर्ण ज्वार पर ही किया जा सकता है। )
  • The dock railway station lies a mile from the town station. ( डॉक रेलवे स्टेशन टाउन स्टेशन से एक मील की दूरी पर स्थित है। )
  • Herndon was busy bringing the boat to dock. ( हेरंडन नाव को गोदी में लाने में व्यस्त था। )

More Sentence

  • One minute until Dock Two begins filling.
  • To their left was a makeshift dock where.
  • We can’t spin while we dock with things.
  • But now they couldn’t dock at Kefallinia.
  • Today, barely 500 work on dry-dock operations there.
  • Portland port officials oppose having the shipments come across their docks.
  • They won't be in the dock _ or trenches.
  • They were sittin'on the dock of the Bay State.
  • In the dock are 46 military leaders of the former government.
  • The men in the dock, however, showed no emotion.
  • Ninety seconds until Dock 2 begins filling.
  • When he got to the dock, he jumped toward.
  • Thirty seconds until Dock 2 begins filling.
  • We will have it repaired as soon as we dock.
  • Water poured through the gate into the dock.
  • Queen Street, the principal thoroughfare, leads inland from the main dock, and contains the majority of the public buildings.
  • The harbour is provided with a floating dock, completed in 1902.
  • 4, or the Hamilton Dock, was completed in 1891, having a length on floor of 520 ft., a width of entrance of 94 ft.
  • After six months in dock, Dar was itching to get going.
  • He stood on the dock, staring out at the water vacantly.
  • I waited in the dock, wondering what the hell was going.
  • We watched as Evette raced up the dock towards the boat.
  • She smiled to herself and walked slowly out of the dock.
  • They missed the dock by four feet but she jumped anyway.
  • Each gate was pulled by winding gear housed at the dock.
  • The dock grew smaller as the boat turned towards the exit.
  • The Bute trustees in 1885 acquired the Glamorgan canal and its dock, and in the following year obtained an act for vesting their various docks and the canal in a company now known as the Cardiff Railway Company.
  • In 1880 the graving dock accommodation consisted of one double dock at the extremity of Dockyard creek, known as Nos.
  • It now has a large stone dry dock.
  • The nine others in the dock face a combination of charges