deft - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of deft in Hindi

  • चतुर
  • निपुण
  • चतुर
  • कुशल
  • तेज़दस्त
  • फुरतीला
  • चालाक
  • दक्ष
  • प्रवीण

deft Definition


  • neatly skillful and quick in one's movements.

deft Example

  • a deft piece of footwork ( फुटवर्क का एक अच्छा टुकड़ा )
  • The deft musician was able to play the harmonica and the piano at the same time. ( चतुर संगीतकार एक ही समय में हारमोनिका और पियानो बजाने में सक्षम था। )
  • Because Jake is a deft electrician, it will not take him long to rewire the electrical outlets in the bathroom.  ( क्योंकि जेक एक कुशल इलेक्ट्रीशियन है, उसे बाथरूम में बिजली के आउटलेट को फिर से जोड़ने में देर नहीं लगेगी। )
  • Only a deft artist can perfectly capture the model’s figure in clay.   ( केवल एक कुशल कलाकार ही मिट्टी में मॉडल की आकृति को पूरी तरह से पकड़ सकता है। )

More Sentence

  • Although I have studied the guitar for over a year, I still do not consider myself to be a deft guitarist so I will not be performing in the annual concert.  
  • The deft carpenter was able to take a few old boards and turn them into a beautiful bookshelf.  
  • What manner of thing was that pirouet in the deft execution of which he felt an honest exultation?
  • With the deft fingers of a woman she was lifting and laying out the handsome uniforms one by one.
  • With deft but trembling hands the crew work to secure the cable which follows the line.
  • He stood leaning against the casing, watching her floury hands at their deft work.
  • Always deft with his fingers, he whiled away the hours by working at a turning-lathe.
  • She sat down on a bench, took the cup in her hand and looked earnestly at the deft piece of work.
  • A deft active man, we say; what he undertook to do is nimbly and successfully done.
  • At the party, everyone admired the beautiful ice sculpture that had been created by a deft sculptor.  
  • The only person who can successfully perform the tricky operation is a deft surgeon.  
  • When the actor got arrested for drunk driving, his spokesperson was wise enough to turn the situation into a deft publicity campaign.  
  • The politician is a deft speaker who can easily convince people to believe whatever he says.  
  • The servant was a crafty fellow, a London rascal, deft at whipping away full bottles.
  • This, with the deft invocation of "the master," was unanswerable, as old Judy had intended.
  • The deft weaving of palm-leaf hut and wall of defence creates a village or destroys it at lightning speed.
  • Mary brought a cup, and placed it at her hand, with the deft manner of those who have learned to serve.
  • He learned to attend to its little wants with deft fingers, listening with a smile to the kindly banter of the women.
  • She was taller, with a well-trained figure that showed the efforts of all the deft maids and skillful dressmakers through which it had passed.
  • But this was transformed of an instant into affrighted horror, as my hand at his ear gave the noose the deft and fatal twist.
  • Dick Humphries threw the bight of the sail twine over the point of the needle and drew it clear with a couple of deft turns and a jerk.
  • After giving the dough several deft turns on the board with the hand, place in a well-greased fruit cake pan, which has been dusted with flour.
  • In the manner reminiscent of an elder day Jerry wiped away imaginary moisture from the mahogany with a deft circular movement of a white cloth.
  • Even though I enjoy baking at home, I am not deft enough to be a professional baker.  
  • the script was both deft and literate