defender - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of defender in Hindi

  • रक्षक
  • वकील
  • बचानेवाला
  • सफ़ाई का वकील
  • परिरक्षक
  • बचाव करने वाला
  • पक्ष-पोषक

defender Definition


  • a person who defends someone or something.

defender Example

  • a defender of family values ( पारिवारिक मूल्यों का रक्षक )
  • He was a vehement defender of Mary Stuart. ( वह मैरी स्टुअर्ट के प्रबल रक्षक थे। )
  • Settled soon after the close of the War of Independence, the township of Barre (pop. in 1900, 334 6) was organized in 1793 and named in honour of Isaac Barre (1726-1802), a defender of American rights in the British parliament. ( स्वतंत्रता संग्राम की समाप्ति के तुरंत बाद बसे, बर्रे की बस्ती (पॉप। १९००, ३३४ ६) १७९३ में आयोजित की गई थी और ब्रिटिश संसद में अमेरिकी अधिकारों के रक्षक इसहाक बर्रे (१७२६-१८०२) के सम्मान में नामित किया गया था। . )
  • The best she could hope for was eternity on this table, alone, knowing what she'd done to humanity's defender. ( वह जिस सर्वश्रेष्ठ की आशा कर सकती थी, वह अकेले इस मेज पर अनंत काल की थी, यह जानते हुए कि उसने मानवता के रक्षक के साथ क्या किया है। )

More Sentence

  • Sands was appointed to be the public defender on this case.
  • His status as defender of the great traitor made him a target.
  • The dachshund-nosed defender of the free press finally relaxed.
  • The defender received a nasty break to the ankle and I felt a.
  • His companion, The Other Burgundian, was his defender and guide.
  • The public defender had informed him the county prosecutor had.
  • And remember a large attacker can be beaten by a smaller defender.
  • Whether innocent or guilty, however, her fate caused no regrets and her misfortunes did not raise a single champion or defender.
  • At Alalcomenae, near the Tritonian lake in Boeotia, she was aXaXKoyeinfis ("defender").
  • In 1751 he became counsel to the East India Company, and in 1756 he was appointed solicitor-general, a place which he retained in the administration of the elder Pitt, of whose foreign policy he was a powerful defender.
  • He well deserves to be called, as he has been called, the Defender of the Constitution.
  • I inclined my head toward the unlikely defender of equality and received one in return.
  • Garizim, of Jupiter the Defender of strangers, as they did desire that dwelt in the place.
  • I have been Aazuria’s defender for five hundred years, and she is more than a job to me.
  • As much as Fern wanted to be a defender she did enjoy the way she looked in these clothes.
  • Others told me that he went to work for the next 40 years as an Appellate Public Defender.
  • She was a defender, why hadn't she kept hold of the rope? If she had he would be alive now.
  • This he believed to be the teaching of St Augustine, as well as of St Thomas, of whom he was an ardent admirer and defender.
  • The orthodox faith also, whose strong representative and defender had hitherto been the caliph, was shaken by the fact that Yazid III.
  • In the west of Atabeg (prince's guardian) Zengi, the prince of Mosul, had extended his dominion over Mesopotamia and the north of Syria, where he had been the greatest defender of Islam against the Franks.