deeply - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of deeply in Hindi

  • गहरा
  • बहुत नीचा
  • भारी
  • गाढ रूप से
  • अत्यंत
  • नितांत
  • गंभीरतापूर्वक
  • नीचे बहुत दूर तक
  • गंभीर तौर पर

deeply Definition


  • far down or in.

deeply Example

  • he breathed deeply ( उसने गहरी सांस ली )
  • fragments of rock were deeply embedded within the wood ( चट्टान के टुकड़े लकड़ी के भीतर गहराई से समाए हुए थे )
  • Deeply relax all your muscles. ( अपनी सभी मांसपेशियों को गहरा आराम दें। ) 
  • Her deeply lined face was creased into a smile. ( उसका गहरा लाइन वाला चेहरा मुस्कान में बदल गया था। )

More Sentence

  • This kind of reasoning is deeply perverse.
  • All of us were deeply absorbed in happy reminiscences.
  • I sympathize deeply with his family.
  • There is not a page of the history of human thought on which this lesson is not deeply engraved.
  • His indefinite threats had struck him more deeply than any direct charge could have done.
  • Rica sighed deeply as he kissed her, and turned to go out into the snowy night.
  • As he came nearer he was a simple old countryman with a deeply graved face and unkempt air.
  • I am, indeed deeply your debtor for your kind services and many proofs of attachment.
  • No one was ever more deeply implicated in the scheme of necessity than Descartes.
  • It was old, deeply framed in dark wood, and was so hung as to slope forwards into the room.
  • They were deeply disturbed by the accident.
  • Clare and Phil were deeply immersed in conversation.
  • Her heart was deeply harrowed by his leaving.
  • Her lies hurt my father deeply.
  • Not if the panel looked deeply enough, union officials believe.
  • Combs grumbles, his deeply lined face contorting into a grimace.
  • It is also, for me, a deeply disturbing story.
  • Don't scrape so deeply that you tear the skin.
  • But she also cares deeply about public service and public policy.
  • The Muslim-led Bosnian government remains deeply suspicious of Milosevic.
  • My father was a deeply compassionate man.
  • I'm deeply in love with Rose.
  • This is a deeply spiritual piece of music.
  • We were deeply touched by their present.
  • The decision left us feeling deeply dissatisfied.
  • she was deeply hurt