crimson - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of crimson in Hindi

  • गहरा लाल
  • तेज लाल रंग का

crimson Definition


  • of a rich deep red color inclining to purple.


  • a rich deep red color inclining to purple.


  • (of a person's face) become flushed, especially through embarrassment.

crimson Example

  • she blushed crimson with embarrassment ( उसने शर्मिंदगी से क्रिमसन को शरमाया )
  • The injured girl’s crimson blood spilled out into the snow after she cut her leg on the sled.  ( स्लेज पर अपना पैर काटने के बाद घायल लड़की का लाल रक्त बर्फ में फैल गया। )
  • Staring up at the crimson sun, the man wondered why the star looked so red. ( क्रिमसन सूरज को घूरते हुए, आदमी ने सोचा कि तारा इतना लाल क्यों दिख रहा है। )
  • Pulling out the red paint, the artist prepared to paint a crimson heart on the canvas. ( लाल रंग को खींचकर, कलाकार ने कैनवास पर एक लाल दिल को चित्रित करने के लिए तैयार किया। )

More Sentence

  • The material was dyed to a deep crimson.
  • I hear the Crimson Hag has them worried.
  • Though the room was growing dim, there was still a crimson light from the sunset.
  • A streak of crimson and purple stretched across the eastern sky announced the coming day.
  • Against the soft gray of the canon wall flamed a crimson flower like a pomegranate bud.
  • The two girls were convulsed, turning crimson with the effort to repress their giggles.
  • When he does, all he can see is crimson.
  • And pressed her hand—the crimson blush.
  • The nails and crimson polish were intact.
  • Green spears, bristling on mossy banks, are starred with crimson and barred with orange.
  • If when I am unhappy I put on something crimson it seems to warm and cheer my heart like a fire.
  • Low sinks the sun, love, Crimson the sky, See the pale moon, love, Rises on high.
  • Waterfalls dash through thickets of crimson foxglove, and daturas swing their fragrant bells over the dancing water.
  • There were set round it crimson coloured velvet cushions embroidered with gold, and they are longer than they are broad.
  • The heavy mahogany furniture was covered with the richest brocades; the hangings were of heavy crimson damask.
  • Best techno-thriller : " Crimson Tide ."
  • Mike Ferrucci had four goals and two assists for the Crimson.
  • Red Sea, where banks of clay turn the water crimson.
  • Jason Hughes recovered for the Crimson at the Lions'6.
  • Two years ago the Crimson were a sorry 2-8.
  • Henrick wrote the screenplay for " Crimson Tide ."
  • They are large and round, turning crimson as they ripen.
  • With strawberry freckles and fiery hair, the redhead didn’t think that she would look good in a crimson dress.  
  • Waving a crimson cape in front of the bull, the man wanted to see if the animal was really attracted to red.