daylight - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of daylight in Hindi

  • दिन का प्रकाश
  • सूर्य का प्रकाश
  • भोर
  • तड़का
  • सवेरा
  • उषा
  • अस्र्णोदय
  • सार्वजनिकता
  • लोक-प्रसिद्धि
  • प्रकाश
  • दिन का उजाला
  • स्पष्टत

daylight Definition


  • the natural light of the day.

daylight Example

  • I returned at daylight ( मैं दिन के उजाले में लौट आया )
  • there were two hours of daylight left ( दिन के दो घंटे बाकी थे )
  • In the daylight she seemed more pitiable and less repellent than she had appeared in the darkness. ( दिन के उजाले में वह अंधेरे में दिखाई देने की तुलना में अधिक दयनीय और कम विकर्षक लग रही थी। )
  • By daylight he could generally be seen in a cloud of dust, if in the desert or prairie regions. ( दिन के उजाले में वह आमतौर पर धूल के बादल में देखा जा सकता था, अगर रेगिस्तान या प्रैरी क्षेत्रों में। )

More Sentence

  • That young chap must be an all-fired heavy sleeper to sleep in broad daylight like that.
  • Our cell was open to the world, and a bleak, distressful daylight streaming in.
  • The day was drawing to a close; in a little while the daylight would melt suddenly into night.
  • Having reached our limit for daylight work, we set up a couple of candles and played at night.
  • Henry Lee came riding out with his buyer at daylight and discovered them at their post.
  • For one half-hour of daylight he would have sold, in that moment, ten years of his life.
  • Who of this crowd to-night shall tread The dance till daylight gleam again?
  • She must have turned and gone back again, for this morning at daylight we made her out to the east.
  • They couldn't get free and in the quickly approaching daylight they knew that there was no hope.
  • In this we went rapidly through galleries and dry chambers, and finally were propelled into the daylight with an unexpected velocity.
  • Got to get in there and pitch from daylight to dark.
  • The museum village is open during daylight hours year-round.
  • Only 5 percent of the kills they observed happened during daylight.
  • Q : When did daylight saving time begin, and why?
  • Q : Daylight-saving time, what is its origin?
  • But coming in broad daylight, they must have expected casualties.
  • The two men in my life barely saw daylight this week.
  • Maybe I'll wait until daylight to view the remains.
  • The state has also declined to adopt daylight-saving time.
  • Ovett elbowed his way to daylight and began his final kick.
  • It's difficult to see daylight in a sentence .
  • But they dragged him out of the room, and upstairs to the garret, and here they put him in a dark corner where no daylight shone.
  • With daylight he knew nothing of what had occurred; at least he made no reference to it, no response to the talk of others.
  • He could not inspect the curve from the spot he had gained without reckless exposure, but he must force the little daylight left to him.
  • It was barely daylight when I found myself walking on the thick layer of sodden leaves filling the only street.
  • There were holes for light in the roof, and cold though it was, so long as daylight lasted these were never free from veiled faces looking down.
  • their views on education are so close that it's difficult to see daylight between them
  • the growing daylight between himself and the leading jockey
  • the daylight hours