dacoits - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dacoits in Hindi

  • डाकुओं

dacoits Definition


  • a member of a band of armed robbers in India or Burma (Myanmar).

dacoits Example

  • At least 30 passengers were injured as the dacoits attacked them. ( डकैतों के हमले में कम से कम 30 यात्री घायल हो गए। )
  • Phoolan was the only woman member of that gang of dacoits. ( डकैतों के उस गिरोह की फूलन अकेली महिला सदस्य थी। )
  • Later, a group of dacoits raid Baiju's village. ( बाद में, डकैतों के एक समूह ने बैजू के गांव पर छापा मारा। )
  • The dacoits arrive and kill him for entering their secret cave. ( डकैत आते हैं और अपनी गुप्त गुफा में प्रवेश करने के कारण उसे मार डालते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Yamini informs Rocky about the deaths, blaming it on dacoits.
  • Meanwhile, his wife and child were attacked by a dacoit.
  • Many dacoits were gunned down by his revolver at that time.
  • The son assures the mother, and confronts the dacoits courageously.
  • Nilakkal was ravaged by attacks from dacoits led by Fakhuruddin Polygar.
  • He advises the dacoits to become righteous warriors ( kshatriyas ).
  • It's difficult to see dacoit in a sentence .
  • He around 1835 AD captured and killed the notorious dacoit Shibesani.
  • When they raised a hue and cry the dacoits tried to flee.
  • Daku Paan Singh Tomar was another infamous dacoit in Chambal.
  • He was an international athlete before he was a dacoit.
  • Enraged, Veeru attacks Gabbar's den and catches the dacoit.
  • Teja found that dacoits who had stolen the cows of Lachhan snake.
  • He was one of the most wanted dacoits of Chambal, India.
  • Kuldip Kaur played the role of the dacoit queen Roopmati.
  • A well known dacoit and Henchman, repeatedly arrested under Goodas act.
  • Meanwhile, the dacoits visited Vikraman's elder brother ( Kasi.