campsite - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of campsite in Hindi

  • कैम्पिंग की जगह

campsite Definition

  • a place used for camping. ( एक जगह जो शिविर के लिए इस्तेमाल की जाती है। )

campsite Example

  • They plan to either turn it into a playground or build a garage or a campsite if an owner does not come forward. ( वे या तो इसे खेल के मैदान में बदलने की योजना बनाते हैं या यदि कोई मालिक आगे नहीं आता है तो एक गैरेज या कैंपसाइट का निर्माण कर सकता है। )
  • Eight years ago we spent a week in a tent on a clifftop campsite in Whitby. ( आठ साल पहले हमने व्हिट्बी में एक क्लिफ्टटॉप कैंपसाइट पर एक तम्बू में एक सप्ताह बिताया था। )
  • Our campsite is probably only half full and most of the summer houses haven't been opened up yet. ( हमारा कैंपसाइट शायद केवल आधा भरा हुआ है और अधिकांश गर्मियों के घरों को अभी तक नहीं खोला गया है। )
  • The sociable, friendly atmosphere of most campsites means that the pastime is ideal for those looking to make new friends, or for something more. ( अधिकांश शिविरों के मिलनसार, मैत्रीपूर्ण वातावरण का मतलब है कि नया दोस्त बनाने की तलाश करने वालों के लिए, या कुछ और करने के लिए शगल आदर्श है। )
  • There are the remains of about half a dozen campsites , and the campers have just left tons of rubbish. ( लगभग आधा दर्जन कैंपियों के अवशेष हैं, और कैंपरों में सिर्फ टन-टन बचा है। )
  • There are plenty of campsites , as well as cabins for hire. ( कैंपसाइट्स के बहुत सारे हैं, साथ ही किराए के लिए केबिन भी हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Countryside campaigners have won their battle to defeat a multi-million-pound plan to transform two of the biggest campsites in the New Forest.
  • Today's campsites are well equipped and beautifully located, with all mod cons to hand.
  • There are some particularly picturesque campsites in the surrounding countryside which could provide an alternative to B&B or a hotel.
  • Although there were no outbreaks of the disease in East Yorkshire, visitor numbers slumped after rights of way and campsites were closed.
  • Somewhat surprisingly for a country with such extreme landforms, Namibia lends itself to self-drive safaris using campsites or lodges for accommodation.
  • There are many campsites and static caravan sites.
  • Two giant campsites have been set up for the protesters.
  • There are campsites , caravans or cheap B&B's on both sides of the river.
  • Yesterday morning Hawes Tourist Information Centre only received one call about bed and breakfast accommodation, but lots of inquiries about campsites .
  • If your budget is tight rent a safari-equipped vehicle, camp in recognised campsites and hire a guide when you feel that you need one.
  • Retailers, hotels, holiday camps, campsites and caravan parks have all reported increased business.
  • Good campsites are plentiful here, but the more basic Department of Conservation sites offer the opportunity to park with basic facilities in pristine wilderness areas.
  • There are few public campsites and very few shops along the trail where you can buy food, so the best and easiest bet is to stay at B&Bs.
  • Sure, there is a sandy Mediterranean beach a few miles away, and campsites , restaurants and bars catering for families on holiday in the new century.