creak - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of creak in Hindi

  • चरमराहट
  • चरमराना
  • चरचर करना

creak Definition


  • (of an object or structure, typically a wooden one) make a harsh, high-pitched sound when being moved or when pressure or weight is applied.
  • show weakness or frailty under strain.


  • a harsh scraping or squeaking sound.

creak Example

  • the creak of a floorboard broke the silence ( फ़्लोरबोर्ड की क्रेक ने चुप्पी तोड़ी )
  • The creak of the floorboards gave him away. ( फ़्लोरबोर्ड की क्रेक ने उसे दूर कर दिया। )
  • She heard the creak of footsteps on the stairs. ( उसने सीढ़ियों पर कदमों की आहट सुनी। )
  • Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday! ( काश आप वाक्यडिक्ट.कॉम से लाभ उठा पाते और प्रतिदिन प्रगति कर पाते! )

More Sentence

  • Creak , Zili puts down a black.
  • A creak door hang long on Its hinge.
  • She heard a floorboard creak upstairs.
  • The gate gave a loud creak as he pushed it open.
  • The timbers groan and creak and the floorboards shift.
  • I heard the floorboards creak as he crept closer.
  • I heard a creak on the stairs.
  • The door was pulled open with a creak.
  • They listened anxiously to every rattle and creak in the house.
  • The gate swung open with a creak.
  • The creak and click of door and padlock roused Midnight.
  • Some of the hinges of the plot creak and need oiling.
  • Every time I hear the door creak, I get scared.
  • The creak of the door sent his sons racing after him.
  • But creak open the iron gate, and another world emerges.
  • The cable began to creak against the side of the ship.
  • There was a rattle and a creak from behind me.
  • Some of the floorboards are loose and they creak when you walk on them.
  • The only sound was the creak of a sign swinging in the wind.
  • Don’t creak the door.
  • Creak, Qian puts down a black.
  • Creak , Kami puts down a black.
  • But the machinery continued to creak.
  • After a while, through the partially open cabin hatch, she heard the bed creak beneath his weight.
  • Above them, the branches of the oak tree were beginning to creak and sway.
  • I scurried under the tractor as the doors began to creak open.a