controlled - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of controlled in Hindi

  • को नियंत्रित
  • नियंत्रित
  • संगृहीत

controlled Definition


  • not showing emotion; having one's feelings under control.
  • under the control of someone or something.
  • (of an experiment, test, etc.) carried out under conditions that preclude error or the influence of extraneous factors.

controlled Example

  • bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on the suspicious object ( बम निरोधक विशेषज्ञों ने संदिग्ध वस्तु पर नियंत्रित विस्फोट किया )
  • Finally he spoke in a controlled voice. ( अंत में वह नियंत्रित स्वर में बोला। ) 
  • She controlled the meeting very ably.  ( उन्होंने बहुत ही कुशलता से बैठक को नियंत्रित किया। )
  • Export licences for arms are strictly controlled. ( हथियारों के निर्यात लाइसेंस को सख्ती से नियंत्रित किया जाता है। )

More Sentence

  • Terror washed over her at his calm, controlled words.
  • They rippled with his controlled movements.
  • She controlled her breathing to keep her frantic emotions from consuming her.
  • This method will allow us to treat the entire world as a controlled experiment in retrospect.
  • This Toemon was the chief of the guild which bought and controlled these unfortunate street-walkers, lowest of their class.
  • No one doubts, and no one denies, that the motions of the body are controlled by the volitions of the mind, or by some external force.
  • The line of attack I chose was that the land was a great public service that needed to be controlled on broad and far-sighted lines.
  • You have taxed and controlled the brewer and the publican until the outraged Liquor Interest has become a national danger.
  • Helene Spenceley was there; her voice had told him; but he took no account of that in the choking, blinding rage which now controlled him.
  • Of salaried places he controlled the appointment of General Pleasanton as commissioner of internal revenue, and of that only.
  • The evening was a pleasant one for Adelaide, being an earnest of the future for which, if she had not worked hard, she had controlled much.
  • He responded in a controlled tone without looking at her.
  • His tone was controlled, his features calm, his eyes the only indication of the fire in his blood.
  • "Cassie," he said in a controlled voice.
  • His movements were controlled, his strength restrained.
  • "I thought he had killed me," he finally confessed in a controlled voice.
  • Essentially, we will be able to run as many controlled experiments as we can imagine instantly and for no cost—and that will revolutionize medicine.
  • Brady pulled her micro from his cargo pocket and approached her with a controlled, slow gate, much like that of a stalking lion.
  • Her voice was controlled – just in case it was Alex.
  • Silence, then finally Brandon answered in a controlled voice.
  • The device was hooked up on a testing-room circuit and controlled from outside.
  • The tendency to direct trading is naturally controlled by the exigencies of capital.
  • Then his blood surged back; but he controlled himself and put by the insolence for the moment.
  • The result was that first one then the other controlled the lake; but they never met.
  • Is suicide controlled or affected by any natural laws, and, if so, by what laws?
  • It controlled both Houses of Congress, and was blessed with four years of peace and prosperity.
  • Deidre sensed his anger, though his movements were as controlled and purposeful as usual.
  • the first randomized controlled trial to study the effects of copper bracelets on rheumatoid arthritis
  • the office was in a state of controlled chaos
  • a display of controlled aggression
  • his every word seemed to be calm and controlled
  • a sentence for possessing controlled substances
  • she's a very controlled player and is mentally tough
  • the country's tightly controlled financial markets