coniferous - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of coniferous in Hindi

  • शंकुधर
  • कोणिफल

coniferous Definition


  • A coniferous forest or wood is made up of conifers.

coniferous Example

  • The same coniferous trees are common to both parts of the range. ( समान शंकुधारी पेड़ रेंज के दोनों हिस्सों में आम हैं। )
  • The rattlesnake plantain is frequently met under the coniferous trees of our northern woods. ( रैटलस्नेक प्लांटैन अक्सर हमारे उत्तरी जंगल के शंकुधारी पेड़ों के नीचे पाए जाते हैं। )
  • They nest at high altitudes in mountain ranges, either in coniferous forests or in aspens. ( वे पर्वत श्रृंखलाओं में उच्च ऊंचाई पर घोंसला बनाते हैं, या तो शंकुधारी जंगलों में या एस्पेंस में। )
  • In the foregoing pages consideration has been given to the growing of native coniferous species only. ( पूर्वगामी पृष्ठों में केवल देशी शंकुधारी प्रजातियों के बढ़ने पर विचार किया गया है। )
  • Much that has been said in the chapter concerning the methods of establishing coniferous woods applies equally well to hardwoods. ( शंकुधारी लकड़ियों को स्थापित करने के तरीकों से संबंधित अध्याय में जो कुछ कहा गया है वह दृढ़ लकड़ी पर समान रूप से लागू होता है। )

More Sentence

  • Hudsonian zone: is that part of the boreal region comprising the northern part of the great transcontinental coniferous forests.
  • It stood beside a crystal river in a lonely settlement, with the dark coniferous forest rolling close up to it.
  • The forest floor is well shaded by the coniferous canopy, and muttongrass is the dominant plant in the ground cover.
  • Only 57% of the area is occupied by arable land and pasture; forests, one-tenth of which are coniferous, occupy 38%.
  • Among other vegetation, coniferous and beech trees appeared most seriously affected by increased radiation.
  • Coniferous forests, often dense, in taiga and on mountains, less often in other woods.
  • Where the ground is slightly drier, in the coniferous woods, there are smooth rounded hummocks of a pale turquoise moss.
  • Temperate forests–including deciduous, coniferous, mixed and mountain forests–account for about half of the earth’s forest cover.
  • How many large areas of coniferous forest have been planted?
  • larix), a name applied to a small group of coniferous trees, of which the common larch of Europe is taken as the type.
  • When well prepared for use, larch is one of the most durable of coniferous woods.
  • At least the coniferous forests which make up nine-tenths of California's woodland surpass all others known in number of species and in the size and beauty of the trees.
  • the zone of coniferous trees,8100-9500ft.
  • The extensive and valuable forests, of which 75% consist of coniferous trees, occupy 42% of the entire area.
  • md difficult to regard coniferous forests as a natural ecological group. At much higher altitudes, in the south-west of the Mediterranean region, forests occur of the Atlantic cedar (Cedrus atlantica).
  • " pine-marten," it does not appear to have any special preference for coniferous trees.
  • from that in the S., and must in turn be subdivided into two partsthe coniferous region and the region Df the oak forests-these being separated by a line drawn through Pskov, Kostroma, Kazan and Ufa.
  • Of the forests, about 38% are deciduous and 62% coniferous trees, and the greater part of the former belong to the government.
  • _A mixed coniferous-deciduous forest in Pleshcheyevo, Russia;
  • Forest vegetation is mostly deciduous, although coniferous forests are present.
  • It sucks the sap from the cones of various coniferous trees.
  • There are large numbers of lakes surrounded by dense coniferous forests.
  • Coniferous trees line either side of the road's Wilsall.
  • Bodom often featured scenes from the coniferous forests of Eastern Norway.
  • Lumber from the coniferous forests is important to the construction industry.
  • The camp covers 1200 acres of mixed deciduous and coniferous forests.
  • The park is characterized by the large variety of coniferous species.
  • Coniferous forest formations, e.g., of Pinus sylvestris, Picea f~