confounded - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of confounded in Hindi

  • चकित
  • भौंचक्का
  • भ्रांत
  • अव्यवस्थित

confounded Definition


  • used for emphasis, especially to express anger or annoyance.

confounded Example

  • he was a confounded nuisance ( वह एक भ्रमित उपद्रव था )
  • The complicated directions confounded him. ( जटिल निर्देशों ने उसे भ्रमित कर दिया। )
  • Others again confound both the year of Rome and the civil year with the Julian year, which in fact became the civil year after the regulation of the calendar by Julius Caesar. ( अन्य लोग जूलियन वर्ष के साथ रोम और नागरिक वर्ष दोनों को फिर से भ्रमित करते हैं, जो वास्तव में जूलियस सीज़र द्वारा कैलेंडर के विनियमन के बाद नागरिक वर्ष बन गया। )

More Sentence

  • truth confounded with error.
  • In the later period of the republic they are confounded with the Penates (and other deities), though the distinction between them was probably more sharply marked in earkor times.
  • Beyond the south-east corner of the lake is a depression known as the Bahr-el-Ghazal (not to be confounded with the Nile affluent of the same name).
  • There are many Varieties of burrs, though all woody outgrowths of old trees are not to be confounded with them, e.g.
  • Numbers of Beghards joined the Brethren of the Cross, and the two sects were confounded in the rigorous persecution conducted in Germany by the inquisitor Eylard Schoneveld, who almost annihilated the flagellants.
  • (2) An Art, whose products cannot be confounded with those of any other known art by a trained eye.
  • If you aren't the right sun sign match for Gemini, you may have difficulty coping with the many Gemini characteristics that can often confound other signs.