confide - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of confide in Hindi

  • विश्वास
  • गुप्त रूप से बताना
  • विश्वास करना
  • गुप्त बात कहना

confide Definition


  • tell someone about a secret or private matter while trusting them not to repeat it to others.

confide Example

  • You can either confide in a close friend or write out your anxieties. ( आप या तो किसी करीबी दोस्त में विश्वास कर सकते हैं या अपनी चिंताओं को लिख सकते हैं। )
  • The senior officers would not confide in him; the men took direction from the NCOs and comfort from themselves. ( वरिष्ठ अधिकारी उस पर विश्वास नहीं करेंगे; पुरुषों ने एनसीओ और खुद से आराम का निर्देशन किया। )
  • Teachers are often highly respected and children will confide in them. ( शिक्षक अक्सर बहुत सम्मानित होते हैं और बच्चे उनमें विश्वास करेंगे। )
  • Who would he confide in and protect, and love for ever? ( वह किस में विश्वास करेगा और रक्षा करेगा, और हमेशा के लिए प्यार करेगा? )
  • Confide in and ask for help from supportive family or friends. ( विश्वास करें और सहायक परिवार या दोस्तों से मदद मांगें। )

More Sentence

  • He was able to confide in her about his ambitions and dreams.
  • We confide in strangers because we believe we'll be able to forget or deny to ourselves that we have done so.  
  • She would be too ashamed to confide in the abbess about how she was ravished by a stranger.  
  • She was the only teacher that Katie had ever felt comfortable enough to confide in.  
  • It took a while to get to know each other well enough to actually confide in one another.  
  • I kinda wish she'd just confide in me, since I ended up trusting her enough to confide in her.  
  • Jane was the best person to confide in but I knew once she got wind of what happened on New Year's Eve she'd be scheming again.  
  • I nodded, surprised, and wondering why I'd confide in a teacher, then grabbled my backpack and left the classroom.
  • In fact, she had very strong urge to confide in a friend about her unfortunate situation regarding the duke.
  • Margot writes Anne that she does not hold a grudge, and that she would not confide in someone unless they were on intimate terms.  
  • All are bright, beautiful and eager to connect with someone they can confide in and trust.
  • Some of the patients, especially the dying, wanted to confide in the man and woman who had eased their suffering.
  • Her father, quiet, humorous, stubbornly determined, gone now, no longer there to consult and confide in.
  • When she met her current boyfriend and fell pregnant, she had not been able to confide in them.
  • On the spur of the moment, Matilda decided that the one person she would like to confide in was Miss Honey.
  • It may be tempting to confide in your children, but resist the urge to do this.
  • What if you was gay and needed someone to confide in.
  • confide in someone who is not much older than him.
  • During his visit to the church, George decided to confide to the priest in the confessional booth.  
  • John is weary of any unknown website that asks him to confide his personal details.  
  • Because the sisters were so close, they would often confide secrets to one another.  
  • Helen was disappointed when her teenage daughter did not confide in her about her boyfriend troubles.  
  • If Anthony does not confide in his attorney, he will find it very difficult to remain out of prison.  
  • My husband did not confide his financial fears to me because he did not want me to worry.  
  • When I was a child, I would confide my deepest thoughts to my loving grandmother.  
  • Elliot is smart enough to not confide in anyone he does not trust.  
  • Many adolescents suffer through depression unnoticed because either they do not want to confide in an adult or the adult they do tell thinks they are overreacting or seeking attention.