comprehensive - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of comprehensive in Hindi

  • व्यापक
  • विस्तृत
  • बोध-संबंधी
  • चौड़ा
  • सर्वग्राही

comprehensive Definition


  • complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.
  • relating to understanding.

comprehensive Example

  • Even comprehensive analyses have not clarified phylogenetic relationships among aardvarks, tenrecs, golden moles, and elephant shrews.  ( यहां तक ​​कि व्यापक विश्लेषणों ने एर्डवार्क्स, टेनरेक्स, गोल्डन मोल्स, और हाथी शेड्स के बीच फ़ाइलेगनेटिक संबंधों को स्पष्ट नहीं किया है। )
  • And, because some London comprehensive schools are secondary modern schools by another name, there is a natural desire to pick and choose. ( और, क्योंकि कुछ लंदन के व्यापक स्कूल एक और नाम से माध्यमिक आधुनिक स्कूल हैं, इसलिए चुनने और चुनने की स्वाभाविक इच्छा है। )
  • comprehensive and collision insurance ( व्यापक और टक्कर बीमा )
  • We offer our customers a comprehensive range of financial products. ( हम अपने ग्राहकों को वित्तीय उत्पादों की व्यापक श्रेणी प्रदान करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • He was educated at a co-ed comprehensive school.
  • Two very clear and comprehensive handbooks are available.
  • We offer you a comprehensive training in all aspects of the business.
  • He was educated at his local comprehensive school and then at Oxford.
  • The computer comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual.
  • Dr Johnson undertook the task of writing a comprehensive English dictionary.
  • The idea was to create a comprehensive road map of the Web.
  • Have you got fully comprehensive insurance?
  • But it is otherwise in universal history, when this is conceived in a comprehensive and enlarged spirit.
  • Every day the advance of specialisation renders any comprehensive or synoptic view of the totality of science more and more impossible.
  • New comprehensive diaries concerning the actions of children in the first years of life are urgently to be desired.
  • With one comprehensive movement she scrambled her books and papers together and heaped them into the still open drawer.
  • It was a more comprehensive gaze than that of an ordinary attendant prompted by curiosity, and there was something in it that struck me with alarm.
  • The intention was to exchange these cases in rotation, and so establish a circulating library in the most comprehensive sense of the term.
  • a comprehensive list of sources
  • The idea was to create a comprehensive road map of the Web.
  • She taught French at Cheam Comprehensive in South London.
  • An objective test can be quite comprehensive.
  • The list is fairly comprehensive.
  • We offer a comprehensive service to home buyers.
  • His face was a road map of emotion, traveling from puzzled, to comprehensive and then on to frustration.
  • He left comprehensive school at the age of 16.
  • All the products are labelled with comprehensive instructions.
  • Child welfare services are well established and comprehensive.
  • He was educated at the local comprehensive school.
  • Streaming within comprehensive schools is common practice.
  • Her eyes made a comprehensive sweep of the room.
  • His work is always vigorous, but he imputes motives in the spirit of a partisan who never pauses to weigh the evidence or to take a comprehensive view of the situation.
  • He has written a fully comprehensive guide to Rome.
  • Our comprehensive range of benefits includes pension and health insurance.
  • But Wagner never thus represented the childhood of an ideal, though he attained the manhood of the most comprehensive ideal yet known in art.
  • There are much brighter prospects for a comprehensive settlement than before.
  • There is no agreed definition of what a comprehensive school should be.
  • a comprehensive collection of photographs