chaperone - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chaperone in Hindi

  • संरक्षिका

chaperone Definition


  • a person who accompanies and looks after another person or group of people. ( ऐसा व्यक्ति जो किसी अन्य व्यक्ति या लोगों के समूह के साथ जाता है और देखता है। )


  • accompany and look after or supervise. ( साथ देना और देखभाल करना या देखरेख करना। )

chaperone Example

  • Very often I have a sort of a chaperone or an escort from the army's PR office, or a spokesman's office, to make sure that the officers I interview or the soldiers I interview don't say anything that they don't want them to say.
  • While men and women can date whomever they wish, they must be accompanied by a chaperone .
  • You can also request to have a chaperone (an additional medical person such as a nurse, or a friend or family member) to stay with you during examinations.
  • Gala committee member Glynn Beresford said he had been unable to find a chaperone and an assistant to take on the important roles.
  • Though he was considered a chaperone to the young prince, Rupert did not particularly enjoy that bland label.
  • And why might two young ladies such as yourselves be traveling without a chaperone ?
  • Of particular significance was that no chaperone was present - the ultimate safeguard for both patients and doctors.
  • In fact, he offered to act as chaperone while we stay in the area.
  • The Tyneside study indicates that patients want to be offered a chaperone, so general practitioners may be responding to societal demand. 4 Merely offering a chaperone does not protect either the patient or the doctor.
  • After the wedding ceremony, the bride is accompanied by her chaperone , even if staying overnight with the groom's family.
  • Travel Choice said in a statement: ‘At the time of booking our staff followed the correct procedure and made a note on the system requesting a chaperone for the flight.’
  • And I feel like a wrinkled, ugly chaperone sitting here on the sidelines.
  • Lady Anne is forced to accompany her and play chaperone, as it is inappropriate for a young lady to be out without a chaperone .
  • The friendship of players, managers, chaperones and people in general will always be a highlight of my playing days.
  • The jury heard that when Vinall practised at Glebe House, Headingley, in the early 1990s no chaperones were provided for his patients.
  • Parents and other chaperones are welcome to attend workshops as well as join the girls at the theater.
  • He's climbed Everest ten times, in good weather and bad, from the north and from the south, by himself and chaperoning clients.
  • Parents cannot be expected to act as 24-hours-a-day chaperones .
  • Even the teachers chaperoning the event looked bored.
  • Without police chaperones , organizers were worried for participants' safety.
  • We would, in effect, be chaperoning each other.
  • Ripley places the blame on the 14 months she spent filming in France and England, chaperoned by her mother but away from home and her friends at school in Dundee.
  • Once Batty and Ursula arrived in Dublin, they were coached and chaperoned by Team Ireland officials.
  • The lucky 50 will be chaperoned by six teachers who also deserve tickets for their hard work.
  • She's living down at Winchester now, close to the cathedral, one of the most respectable ladies there - chaperones girls at the county ball, if you please.
  • The world No.1 apparently was chaperoned by no fewer than 16 minders during the week.
  • Oh, and I'm chaperoning a school trip today, one that would have been ten times more fun had it been sunny.
  • The performers will be chaperoned by security staff at all times and they will work for 20 minute periods at a time.
  • In rural areas overseas, girls are always chaperoned , whereas here teenage girls are allowed to go out to dinners and clubs.
  • The 48 finalists will arrive along with 15 other people including national coaches and chaperones in June next year.