cardboard - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of cardboard in Hindi

  • गत्ता
  • मोटा काग़ज़
  • दफ़्ती
  • पत्ता

cardboard Definition

  • pasteboard or stiff paper. ( पेस्टबोर्ड या कठोर कागज। )

cardboard Example

  • Mind you, no psychological sensitivity can really rescue these grimly cardboard characters. ( ध्यान रखें, कोई भी मनोवैज्ञानिक संवेदनशीलता वास्तव में इन गंभीर कार्डबोर्ड पात्रों को नहीं बचा सकती है। )
  • Again the council can provide boxes to store cardboard and plastic bottles awaiting disposal. ( फिर से परिषद निपटान के लिए प्रतीक्षारत कार्डबोर्ड और प्लास्टिक की बोतलों को संग्रहीत करने के लिए बक्से प्रदान कर सकती है। )
  • with its superficial, cardboard characters, the novel was typical of her work ( अपने सतही, कार्डबोर्ड पात्रों के साथ, उपन्यास उनके काम के लिए विशिष्ट था )
  • Others favoured a more traditional design using cardboard and green fabrics. ( दूसरों ने कार्डबोर्ड और हरे रंग के कपड़ों का उपयोग करके एक अधिक पारंपरिक डिजाइन का समर्थन किया। )
  • The parade of cardboard characters with implausible motives makes for a less than satisfying read. ( अनुमानित उद्देश्यों के साथ कार्डबोर्ड पात्रों की परेड संतोषजनक पढ़ने से कम समय के लिए बनाती है। )

More Sentence

  • Think about the glass, plastic and cardboard packaging that goes in the bin and could be recycled.
  • Oh, goodness but I'm fed up with trying to make serviceable postal boxes out of old cardboard .
  • a cardboard box
  • He was certainly no cardboard figure and no amount of hagiography has succeeded in making him a saint.
  • He finally got a grip on the foreign object, which felt like paper or cardboard .
  • The clues fail to involve, or interest, and the characters are cardboard cutouts.
  • Anyway, the new bike arrived this morning, all swathed in cardboard and plastic wadding.
  • Last week I left several glass wine bottles in my green bin along with paper and cardboard .
  • Foss Islands is the only place in York to take plastic and cardboard .
  • Many houses are made of reed mats, plywood and plastic with cardboard filling the gaps.
  • Holmes and Watson have become cardboard variations on a theme, rather than reinvented characters.
  • In the western town of Ghansi, hundreds live in shacks made of plastic and cardboard tied together.
  • The duo have dispensed with plastic CD casings and fashioned their covers from stiff cardboard .
  • Swindon Council provided households with a box for cardboard , paper and other recyclables.
  • We made mailboxes out of construction paper and cardboard and put them on our desks.
  • I would sit and think about what picture I wanted to paint, look at my large piece of cardboard and my paints.
  • They were very very simple cardboard characters who mostly just have to glower, smoulder and say witty lines quietly.
  • Most people will be aware that there is little demand for paper, cardboard , plastic and glass.
  • I'll have to wait and see if they get a better grasp on the characters or just leave them as cardboard cutouts.
  • Besides, the big cardboard box it came in was my only cabinet for a fair while.
  • The cardboard characters they were from the TV show couldn't really sustain a movie.
  • The ventilators are blocked, and roof tiles have caved in and have been replaced by paper and cardboard .
  • As Michael packed tins of beans, soup and spaghetti into cardboard boxes he nervously looked around.
  • He does not want to paint her as a cardboard cut-out villainess, and rightly so.
  • The main structure is made out of wood and cardboard and is covered in plasticine before being painted.