bullion - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bullion in Hindi

  • बुलियन
  • सोना
  • स्वर्ण-रजत
  • सोना-चाँदी
  • बहुमूल्य धातु


  • सोने की ठोस ईट
  • दागाई

bullion Definition

  • gold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight. ( सोने या चांदी में सोने से पहले, या वजन द्वारा मूल्यवान। )
  • ornamental braid or trimming made with twists of gold or silver thread. ( सोने या चांदी के धागे के साथ सजावटी चोटी या ट्रिमिंग। )

bullion Example

  • The value of bullion tracks gold's market performance. ( बुलियन का मूल्य सोने के बाजार के प्रदर्शन को ट्रैक करता है। )
  • While gold coins and bullion continued to dominate the monetary system of Europe, it was not until the 18th century that paper money began to dominate. ( जबकि सोने के सिक्के और बुलियन यूरोप की मौद्रिक प्रणाली पर हावी रहे, यह 18 वीं शताब्दी तक नहीं था कि कागज का पैसा हावी होने लगा। )
  • We will keep you fully posted on any further dictators / bullion / gold coins unearthed in palaces or small holes in the ground, and any business opportunities which may arise from such discoveries. ( हम आपको पूरी तरह से किसी भी अन्य तानाशाहों / सराफा / सोने के सिक्कों पर महलों या जमीन के छोटे छेदों में पता लगाने और किसी भी व्यावसायिक अवसरों पर इस तरह की खोजों से उत्पन्न हो सकते हैं। )
  • We carry a vast collection of tassels, curtain tie-back tassel, beaded fringe, bullion fringe, chainette fringe, tassel fringe, chair tie tassels, jacquard ribbon, lace, beaded appliqués and many more at the best possible prices. ( हम tassels, पर्दा टाई-बैक tassel, मनके फ्रिंज, बुलियन फ्रिंज, चैनसेट फ्रिंज, tassel fringe, कुर्सी टाई tassels, jacquard रिबन, फीता, मनके appliqués और कई सबसे अच्छा संभव कीमतों पर की एक विशाल संग्रह ले। )
  • Employees at the gold bullion and precious metals firm Johnson Matthey began the first in a series of 24-hour strikes on September 23. ( गोल्ड बुलियन और कीमती धातु फर्म जॉनसन मैथेई के कर्मचारियों ने 23 सितंबर को 24 घंटे की हड़ताल की श्रृंखला में पहली शुरुआत की। )

More Sentence

  • For example in large portfolios, we expand precious metals to include gold and silver bullion , gold and silver stocks and small and large mutual funds.
  • The ‘paper pound’ refers to the restriction placed on the convertibility of Bank of England notes into gold bullion or coin.
  • He put a graph where he compared the value in weight of his degree with the corresponding value of gold bullion .
  • Small holdings of gold and silver coins and bullion can be held in a bank safe deposit box or in a pipe buried in the back yard.
  • However, we're all still entitled to pop down and demand that they exchange our notes for the equivalent value in gold bullion , should we so wish.
  • At one stage, Sir William calculates that they were valued higher than silver bullion , and comprised some 1.5% of Britain's entire export trade to Chile.
  • The only exception to this in my judgment would be permanent acquisition of gold and silver coins or bullion by individual investors.
  • It required the immediate conversion of gold and silver received by the mint authority into bullion or coins.
  • It took him only three days to bring the bullion and gold coins to the surface and at the same time pay out $768,000 for the use of the special ship.
  • So with 40% of CEF, the portfolio would contain about equal percentages of foreign bonds and gold and silver bullion .
  • gold bullion
  • Payment on goods was often provided in silver or gold bullion , but as sales increased and more than two people became involved in any one business deal, new ways of trading were required.
  • bullion cords
  • CEF trades on the American Stock Exchange so investing in silver and gold bullion is as simple as calling your stockbroker and purchasing shares of this fund.
  • If you just want gold, buy bullion coins, particularly U.S. Eagles.
  • Nor did it stop President Roosevelt in the 1930s, during which he declared it illegal to own circulating gold coins, gold bullion , and gold certificates.
  • It used to apply just to gold or silver coins, bullion or plate that were buried or hidden some other way.
  • This pillow has a gorgeous raised peach tone fabric with quality leopard inlay and bullion fringe.
  • Gold bullion coins are usually sold as one troy ounce or in fractions of an ounce.
  • The air is so thick with pollution that the canvas surface fairly crackles with beads and bullion .