breathtaking - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of breathtaking in Hindi

  • लुभावनी
  • दम भरनेवाला
  • साँस फुलनेवाला
  • साँस चढनेवाला

breathtaking Definition

  • astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality, so as to take one's breath away. ( गुणवत्ता में आश्चर्यजनक या विस्मयकारी, ताकि किसी की सांस लेने के लिए। )

breathtaking Example

  • The views down all three branches of the lake are breathtaking . ( झील की तीनों शाखाओं के नीचे के दृश्य लुभावने हैं। )
  • To see these crowds running around in different directions in front of you with no slow-down was breathtaking . ( बिना किसी धीमे-धीमे आपके सामने विभिन्न दिशाओं में घूम रही इन भीड़ को देखना लुभावना था। )
  • Start at the top end of town for the sheer breathtaking spectacle, if nothing else. ( सरासर लुभावनी तमाशा के लिए शहर के ऊपरी छोर पर शुरू करें, अगर कुछ और नहीं। )
  • The setting is a breathtaking reminder of the wondrous beauty of our province. ( सेटिंग हमारे प्रांत की अद्भुत सुंदरता का एक लुभावना अनुस्मारक है। )

More Sentence

  • As a photographer, I am, of course, touched by the breathtaking beauty of our wildlife.
  • The cinematography is breathtaking and every element of the production design feels authentic.
  • These great performances are supplemented by quite breathtaking visuals of a phenomenal quality.
  • The breathtaking new images from Mars have the seductive familiarity of holiday snapshots.
  • In her paintings, she is able to express a breathtaking religious ecstasy.
  • What did those people know about the breathtaking beauty of nature and her wares?
  • Three particular decisions made by Government are breathtaking in their foolishness.
  • It was a breathtaking tour, with dazzling blue waters on one side and broad flat shorelines on the other.
  • It's a rugged county with a spectacular and breathtaking coastline, full of history and legend.
  • The sensuality of the moment is breathtaking , causing cheeks to blush and pulses to pound.
  • At the peak, the 360 degree view of the surrounding valley is breathtaking on a clear day.
  • The result is spectacular, breathtaking , and needs to be seen to be grasped fully.
  • The music is exhilarating, the costumes are breathtaking , and the acting is superb.
  • That said, all this breathtaking footage had to be broken up somehow.
  • Eyes that sparkled with all the mystery and magic of the dream lit up a face of breathtaking beauty.
  • The alpine air was inspirational, and the view from the tower at the summit was breathtaking .
  • Statistics aside, the Cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful.
  • If you enjoyed the original I'm sure you'll enjoy the sequel but don't expect anything breathtakingly different…
  • His early films were breathtakingly beautiful.
  • On criminal matters, he's breathtakingly conservative.
  • His plan is breathtakingly simple: to row around the world.