brawny - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of brawny in Hindi

  • मांसल
  • गठीला
  • बलवान
  • सबल
  • पुष्ट

brawny Definition

  • physically strong; muscular. ( शारीरिक रूप से मजबूत; पेशी। )

brawny Example

In fact, it is a surefire way to ask for trouble, especially if you are not a brawny entity with plenty of legal and monetary clout to back you all the way.

In the center of the hole was a brawny , black-gloved arm, its fingers curled tightly into a large fist.

The two we select are brawny with fresh fruit and flavour.

Under the hood there's a brawny but ultimately very civilised 2.4-litre engine, outputting 170 hp.

The arm is brawny enough for a man, but the nails are very long, like a woman's.

He raised another eyebrow when he saw his uncle sling his brawny arms around the slender human's shoulders to pull her close to his side.

Sister Miriam was tucked under his brawny arm, her head resting on her father's chest.

I love this guy, and his pack of brawny Italians, to bits and pieces.

The man facing them was taller than both by a few inches, and had strong, brawny arms.

I reminisce for a fleeting moment about breezy Saturday nights, black couches and a brawny shoulder

It's as big and brawny as you would expect, a classic barbecue wine made in an inky, take-no-prisoners style.

He was around about 40 (though maybe younger and just ravaged by alcohol) and rather brawny and scary.

By comparison, Frederick looked more like his father, strongly built and brawny .

Painted in red, the brawny , no-frills vehicle with a canvas top advertises its military credentials with elan.

Unless he watched his step, the brawny man could fall into the channel and drown, only to wash up in a distant place hours - days - later.

Avery looked to see a brawny , muscular man walking their way.

It tastes beefy in every respect: fleshy, brawny and intense.

Going brawny seems to be the best and easiest way.

I admire the brawny bravado of the pretence, but I'm not convinced.

Two strong, brawny arms reached down and went under the vampire's back.

He made it very clear that his superhuman brawniness was what he wished his political future to be built on, and the people voted for it.

If you want something really quiet, you're going to sacrifice a degree of brawniness .

While he may look like the strongest green powerhouse around, he's got nothing against the extraordinary strength of spinach or the out-of-this-world brawniness of broccoli.

A Byzantine chalice, Bible, or wood carving has a kind of heft, a hand-made brawniness .

The buildings would always hold an admirable brawniness : thick and dark while the night crawlers of all types were sucking down on bottles of booze, rioting in the shadows, or just trying to have a good time.