boxer shorts - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of boxer shorts in Hindi

  • बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स

boxer shorts Definition

  • men's loose underpants similar in shape to the shorts worn by boxers. ( मुक्केबाजों द्वारा पहने जाने वाले शॉर्ट्स के आकार के समान पुरुषों की ढीली जांघिया। )

boxer shorts Example

  • And I went up to him and put my hands around him, my thumbs hooked into the waistband of his designer boxer shorts . ( और मैं उसके पास गया और उसके चारों ओर अपने हाथ रख दिए, मेरे अंगूठे उसके डिजाइनर बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स के कमरबंद में झुके। )
  • The sofa was strewn with boxer shorts , lace underwear, and assorted other clothing. ( बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स, लेस अंडरवियर के साथ सोफा बिखरा हुआ था और अन्य कपड़ों को परखता था। )
  • He stepped out the shower drying himself with the fresh cotton towel and dressed in a roomy pair of boxer shorts and a grey vest that he wore at the gym. ( उन्होंने ताज़ा सूती तौलिया के साथ खुद को सुखाने वाले शॉवर को बाहर निकाला और बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स और एक ग्रे बनियान की एक जोड़ीदार पोशाक पहनी जो उन्होंने जिम में पहनी थी। )
  • ‘Unlikely,’ Jag said as he tugged on a pair of jeans over his purple boxer shorts . ( 'अनजाने में,' जग ने कहा कि उसने अपनी पर्पल बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स के ऊपर जींस की एक जोड़ी पर तंज कसा है। )
  • I slipped on a tee shirt, and boxer shorts , and found my way down the stairs, into the kitchen. ( मैं एक टी शर्ट, और बॉक्सर शॉर्ट्स पर फिसल गया, और सीढ़ियों से नीचे रसोई में अपना रास्ता पाया। )

More Sentence

  • It was then that I noticed one hand held a similar tub of ice cream and a spoon, and that all he was wearing was a pair of blue boxer shorts and a loose white t-shirt.
  • Spike walked across the hall in boxer shorts and Randy walked out with boxer shorts and a sports bra.
  • She came into my apartment one August afternoon wearing nothing but a midriff tank top and loose boxer shorts .
  • All it was was a pair of boxer shorts and a short sleeve shirt that was two sizes too big.
  • Fox tore his clothes from his body with shaking hands and, clad only in boxer shorts , staggered the short distance to the truck.
  • A pair of loose-fitting cotton boxer shorts is a smart choice for any occasion.
  • All I was wearing were boxer shorts and a baggy short sleeved shirt, which was missing part a sleeve.
  • I mean really, just how serious can you be when you are selling boxer shorts ?
  • It will be more comfortable to wear loose clothing such as boxer shorts or a dressing gown with no underpants or trousers until the wound has healed.
  • However, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the bras and boxer shorts , socks and hats.
  • Also, do the pajamas have that little flap in the front commonly found on boxer shorts ?
  • Loose boxer shorts are also considered passé, although they have improved over the years.
  • You get the loose mesh boxer shorts and thong underwear for one price.
  • Packages shaped like tank tops and boxer shorts leave little chance that the shopper will pick up the wrong item.
  • I was wearing nothing but boxer shorts , a tank top, and a jacket that looked ridiculously out of place.