bow legs - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bow legs in Hindi

  • दोनों पैर

bow legs Definition

  • legs that curve outward at the knee; bandy legs. ( पैर जो घुटने से बाहर की ओर वक्र हैं; बंदगी के पैर। )

bow legs Example

  • He was short, with bow legs and the strongest back I ever saw on a man his size. ( वह कम था, धनुष पैर के साथ और सबसे मजबूत पीठ मैंने कभी किसी आदमी को उसके आकार पर देखा था। )
  • This disease is characterized by bone deformities (such as bow legs , pigeon breast, and knobby bone growths on the ribs where they join the breastbone) and tooth abnormalities. ( इस बीमारी की विशेषता है हड्डी की विकृति (जैसे कि धनुष पैर, कबूतर स्तन, और पसलियों पर घुटने की हड्डी का बढ़ना जहां वे स्तन में शामिल होते हैं) और दांत की असामान्यताएं। )
  • With bow legs and long wickedly curved claws they actually make a very powerful package. ( धनुष पैर और लंबे दुष्ट घुमावदार पंजे के साथ वे वास्तव में एक बहुत शक्तिशाली पैकेज बनाते हैं। )
  • These children have conditions such as club feet (where they walk on the sides of their ankles), angular deformities (such as bow legs of more than 90°), and osteomyelitis (where infection has destroyed whole sections of their bones). ( इन बच्चों में क्लब फीट (जहां वे अपनी एड़ियों के किनारों पर चलते हैं), कोणीय विकृति (जैसे कि 90 ° से अधिक धनुष पैर), और ओस्टियोमाइलाइटिस (जहां संक्रमण ने उनकी हड्डियों के पूरे वर्गों को नष्ट कर दिया है) जैसे हालात हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Inadequate bone formation leads to bending in weight-bearing bones, giving rise to bow legs and knock knees.
  • This could be due to joint deformities like bow legs and knock knees, which produce a misalignment and overload on one half of the joint.
  • You need the operation if your knee is very stiff, unstable, or is severely deformed (knock knees, bow legs , rheumatoid arthritis, or hemophilia deformity).
  • He said he remembered his father, who died in 1969, had walked with bow legs .
  • Other babies seem to be born with a tendency to bow legs and toeing in.
  • He has bow legs and a fast mouth and little if any concern for his physical well-being.
  • A shortage leads to aches and pains in children but if untreated can go on to cause serious bone weakness including the bow legs characteristic of rickets.
  • Rickets can result in stunted growth, delays in motor development and bow legs in children.
  • Look at old man Tolepi the former farmhand, with his thin bow legs .
  • In older children, bow legs can be caused by many different problems.
  • Despite advancing years, both bow-legged veterans scampered up and down the pitch with the zest of teenagers, McAllister even finding the energy to score one and set up two others.
  • Do I even need to mention the guy was bow-legged ?
  • Or maybe he's just had one, because he's walking kind of bow-legged .
  • Instead, they're like some dangerous cult, full of bow-legged , wiry weirdos in garish outfits, fuelled on sour dough toast and skinny latte.
  • Anyone who has witnessed the sorry sight of bent, bow-legged youngsters staggering to school with bags the size of bathtubs on their backs will know what I mean.
  • Whether it be verbal brickbats or rogue footballs, Rivaldo is always getting knocked down, though the lanky, bow-legged Brazilian enigma is well capable of hauling himself up.