berth - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of berth in Hindi

  • बर्थ
  • घाट
  • धक्का
  • जहाज़ को बाँधना


  • शायिका


  • शायिका में पैदा करना

berth Definition


  • moor (a ship) in its allotted place. ( मूर (एक जहाज) अपने आवंटित स्थान पर। )
  • (of a passenger ship) provide a sleeping place for (someone). ( (एक यात्री जहाज के लिए) (किसी को) के लिए एक सोने की जगह प्रदान करते हैं। )


  • a ship's allotted place at a wharf or dock. ( जहाज का आवंटित स्थान घाट या गोदी पर। )
  • a fixed bed or bunk on a ship, train, or other means of transport. ( एक जहाज, ट्रेन, या परिवहन के अन्य साधनों पर एक निश्चित बिस्तर या चारपाई। )
  • (often in a sports context) a situation or position in an organization or event. ( (अक्सर एक खेल के संदर्भ में) एक संगठन या घटना में एक स्थिति या स्थिति। )

berth Example

  • It took a crushing 6-0 victory on the last day of the Group 3 campaign to clinch their berth at the finals. ( इसने ग्रुप 3 के अभियान के अंतिम दिन 6-0 से जीत हासिल की और फाइनल में अपनी बर्थ हासिल की। )
  • they planned to berth HMS Impregnable at Portsmouth ( उन्होंने पोर्ट्समाउथ में एचएमएस इम्पेग्नटेबल को बर्थ देने की योजना बनाई )
  • But, we were young, and the campers enjoyed swinging from one upper berth to another as they had in earlier trips. ( लेकिन, हम युवा थे, और कैंपरों ने एक ऊपरी बर्थ से दूसरे तक झूलों का आनंद लिया जैसा कि वे पहले की यात्राओं में थे। )
  • The men in blue were looking to seal the semi-finals berth of World Cup cricket against Sri Lanka. ( नीले रंग के पुरुष श्रीलंका के खिलाफ विश्व कप क्रिकेट के सेमीफाइनल में पहुंचने वाले थे। )
  • In my upper berth , there were a couple times when I was sure that we'd derailed. ( मेरे ऊपरी बर्थ में, कुछ समय थे जब मुझे यकीन था कि हम पटरी से उतर गए थे। )
  • today's victory clinched a berth for the Orioles in the playoffs ( आज की जीत ने प्लेऑफ में ओरिओल्स के लिए एक बर्थ हासिल की )
  • The captain trusted me to berth the ship at the wharf. ( कप्तान ने मुझे घाट पर जहाज की बर्थ देने का भरोसा दिया। )
  • So they'd hide me in an upper berth and that's where I'd sleep. ( इसलिए वे मुझे ऊपरी बर्थ में छिपा देते थे और यहीं मैं सो जाता था। )
  • Discovery is the second cruise ship to berth at Milford Haven this year. ( डिस्कवरी इस साल मिलफोर्ड हेवन में बर्थ का दूसरा क्रूज जहाज है। )

More Sentence

  • Although it is usual for ships to berth on arrival, there are times when vessels face delays of up to ten days waiting at the pilot station before being allowed into port.
  • Plans to berth a floating hotel have been given the thumbs down, according to the results of the latest online poll conducted on the website.
  • They reached the berth where his ship was currently docked.
  • This year his performances have been inconsistent but his semi-final berth at a recent tournament show he is approaching peak form just in time.
  • The ships will berth on the city's quays, allowing visitors a chance to get up close to the world-class vessels.
  • The hosts had failed to win a berth in the mega event despite being given two chances.
  • She will complete round-robin play against her opponent Saturday, with the winner earning a semifinal berth .
  • Unobserved, he took the vacant upper berth of a crowded compartment and overheard the loud conversation of a group of British officers.
  • The win not only gives them a berth in the semifinals but improved the team's overall record to 33-0 as well.
  • We slept over in the cabin and I was given an upper berth in one of the rooms.
  • I'll sleep in the upper berth
  • The harbour has a good track record of being able to berth ships on arrival.
  • The cabins are a wonder of microdesign, a snug berth , a washbasin and room to turn round, almost.
  • Presently it is difficult to locate a mooring to berth a boat for the night, let alone find one to tie to while diving.
  • It's an attraction in itself to rise early in the morning to watch the enormous luxury liners taxiing into a berth at the wharf near the bauxite terminal.
  • This is sure to draw a huge crowd to the local venue and there will be much at stake as both teams strive to secure a semi-final berth .
  • There are no gates, just airlocks placed as close to each other as they could be while still allowing ships to berth .
  • He wanted her co-passenger to go to the upper berth .
  • The early game between Chile and the USA was decisive for both teams, with the winner earning a berth in the semi-finals.
  • It's rough being in the upper berth in a two-story train.
  • Luckily I got a reserved berth and the train left for Kolkatta on schedule.