beefy - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of beefy in Hindi

  • मांसल

beefy Definition


  • muscular or robust. ( पेशी या मजबूत। )
  • tasting like beef. ( गोमांस की तरह चखना। )

beefy Example

  • The veggie and non-veggie versions were identical, save for the beef in the meat couscous, and the vegetables included zucchini, carrot, cabbage and big beefy lima beans. ( वेजी और नॉन-वेजी संस्करण समान थे, मांस चचेरे भाई में गोमांस के लिए बचाते थे, और सब्जियों में तोरी, गाजर, गोभी और बड़े बीफ़ लिमा बीन्स शामिल थे। )
  • At 6am the following morning - inconveniently before chow was served - a beefy Chicano guard approached my cell. ( अगली सुबह 6 बजे - चाउ की सेवा करने से पहले असुविधाजनक रूप से - एक मांसल चीकिनो गार्ड ने मेरे सेल से संपर्क किया। )
  • He grinned, revealing a mouthful of rotted and missing teeth, and slung a beefy arm over her shoulder. ( वह मुस्कुराया, एक मुंह से लटके हुए और गायब दांतों का खुलासा किया, और उसके कंधे पर एक मांसल हाथ को पटक दिया। )
  • Fortunately for me, the rugby and football players were beefy and strong; they held their ground, and for that, I was immensely glad. ( मेरे लिए सौभाग्य से, रग्बी और फुटबॉल खिलाड़ी गोमांस और मजबूत थे; उन्होंने अपना मैदान संभाला, और उसके लिए, मैं बहुत खुश था। )
  • Beef, while thought of as, well, beefy , is not usually the boldest of meats when roasted. ( बीफ, जबकि माना जाता है, ठीक है, मांसल, भुना हुआ होने पर आमतौर पर मांस का सबसे बोल्ड नहीं होता है। )
  • It tastes beefy in every respect: fleshy, brawny and intense. ( यह हर मामले में गोमांस का स्वाद लेता है: मांसल, जंगली और तीव्र। )
  • "I went to my GP and was referred to Tameside Hospital, but they just said: ‘You're a beefy lad, there's nothing to worry about’. ( "मैं अपने जीपी के पास गया और उसे टेमसाइड अस्पताल में रेफर किया गया, लेकिन उन्होंने सिर्फ इतना कहा: to आप बीफ के लड्डू हैं, चिंता की कोई बात नहीं है। ' )
  • The young soldier's competitor was a big burly man with beefy arms and legs the size of tree trunks, while the young duelist was small and scrawny - barely half the big man's size. ( युवा सिपाही का प्रतियोगी गोमांस बांहों और पैरों के पेड़ की चड्डी के आकार के साथ एक बड़ा दफन आदमी था, जबकि युवा द्वंद्ववादी छोटा और कर्कश था - मुश्किल से आधे बड़े आदमी का आकार। )
  • I suppose, in the end, I was a little disappointed, not because each of these wasn't a big, beefy concept with a positively gargantuan hinterland of potential consequences. ( मुझे लगता है, अंत में, मैं थोड़ा निराश था, इसलिए नहीं कि इनमें से प्रत्येक संभावित परिणामों के एक सकारात्मक रूप से अभिमानी हर्नलैंड के साथ एक बड़ा, मांसल अवधारणा नहीं था। )
  • They both were beefy and middle aged with the sort of forgettable, flabby face so characteristic of law enforcement. ( वे दोनों भुलक्कड़ और मध्यम आयु वर्ग के थे, जो भुलक्कड़ किस्म के थे, भड़कीले थे, इसलिए कानून लागू करने की विशेषता थी। )
  • Kayak-surfing lessons, demos, clinics, and races off Nags Head, North Carolina - where the breakers are beefy and the water is warm. ( कयाक-सर्फिंग सबक, डेमो, क्लीनिक, और नग्स हेड, उत्तरी कैरोलिना - जहां ब्रेकर गोमांस हैं और पानी गर्म है, से दूर दौड़ते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • And then he finds an actor who seems to purposefully carry the weight and fate of the world on his broad, beefy shoulders.
  • The silkscreen prints command a beefy price, but the book's meat is the bleak, brilliant comic at its centre.
  • It wasn't until Sophia felt a heavy hand on her shoulder and Keeran got the same beefy hand grabbing his muscular shoulder that they broke apart.
  • He's a handsome guy, beefy and apparently well built, though it's tough to tell when he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
  • The monster had four huge arms (two on each side of its body), and two strong beefy legs.
  • I felt like twisting my arm away from him, but his grip was so strong for a guy who was not that beefy .
  • ‘Right away, honey,’ said the man, swinging a white towel over one beefy shoulder.
  • A strange man came up the gaming table and put a beefy hand on James's shoulder.
  • Tasting the peppers, I was impressed by its nice chew and beefy flavour.
  • Note that this bike is plenty tough, too; the frame, with its beefy head-tube gussets, should shrug off impacts from between-class curb hops.
  • It also consumes all of your computer's memory (And I've run it on a very beefy computer) so it's basically useless unless I can strip it down slightly.
  • These, especially in this length, are beefy skis.
  • Sam, with his muscles, only had to take off his t-shirt to be tapped on the shoulder by a beefy Dutchman on holiday.
  • The beefy main event, the tournedos Rossini, was perfectly cooked and accompanied by wild mushrooms; but while the portions were the perfect size for me, Vicky was beginning to flag.
  • She at first calmly asked him to stop, but when he persisted, two beefy security guards threw him out.
  • But there was no shortage of beefy tackles and hefty challenges in the long standing tradition of Scottish football.
  • A 28-to 44-year-old, beefy , shaved head, easygoing buddy for inspiration!
  • A good texture and quite strong on the seasonings but not hugely beefy .
  • She had already extracted two of her bags, and all that was left was her small box shaped one with everything she held precious inside, by the time Chris had come back, with two men behind him, they were strong, beefy men.