away - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of away in Hindi

  • दूर
  • निरन्तर

away Definition


  • to or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing. ( किसी विशेष स्थान, व्यक्ति, या वस्तु से दूरी पर। )
  • into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping. ( भंडारण या सुरक्षित रखने के लिए एक उपयुक्त जगह में। )


  • (of a sports competition) played at the opponents' grounds. ( (खेल प्रतियोगिता के दौरान) विरोधियों के मैदान में खेला गया। )

away Example

  • It moved the focus away from tourists and sought to establish the firm as an international fragrance house. ( इसने पर्यटकों से ध्यान हटा दिया और फर्म को एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय खुशबू घर के रूप में स्थापित करने की मांग की। )
  • And yet we let it rot away and die without ever tapping into the stories our elders have to tell. ( और फिर भी हम इसे खत्म कर देते हैं और उन कहानियों के बारे में बताए बिना मर जाते हैं जिन्हें हमारे बुजुर्गों को बताना होता है। )
  • Southward the land drops away to a vast plain suitable for livestock and plantation farming. ( दक्षिण की ओर भूमि एक विशाल मैदान में चली जाती है जो पशुधन और वृक्षारोपण के लिए उपयुक्त है। )
  • Battling Belle Vue were denied the chance of their first away Elite League win of the season by a late Ipswich surge. ( बैटल बेल्ले वुए को एक देर से इप्सविच सर्ज द्वारा सीजन की अपनी पहली दूर एलीट लीग जीत के अवसर से वंचित कर दिया गया। )
  • She crawled away from him so fast he was afraid she would go too far and fall off the bed. ( वह उससे इतनी दूर रेंगती थी कि उसे डर लगता था कि वह बहुत दूर जाएगी और बिस्तर से गिर जाएगी। )
  • they're working away on the garden ( वे बगीचे में दूर काम कर रहे हैं )

More Sentence

  • City are once again trying to bounce straight back from a home defeat by claiming their third away win in a row.
  • A little distance away from them was an elderly gentleman accompanied by his wife.
  • By her own choice, she's kept the money locked away and given herself an allowance.
  • the garden slopes away from the house
  • But the surprise in his eyes soon faded to sadness, and the sadness ebbed away to emptiness.
  • Now, in a quiet moment beneath the stand as the noise and the chaos dies away , there is room for nothing but joy and relief.
  • Several of the injured kids began to cry out in pain or crawl away from the gun shots.
  • The point between has occurred because Terry has played one more away fixture than Tony.
  • they lived twenty kilometres away from here
  • the away team
  • Many lived a great distance away from any village or town and so were unable to attend regular school.
  • Residents from four neighbouring houses spent a night away from their homes as the house was sealed off.
  • Police have urged parents not to buy the guns for their children, or at the very least to keep them locked away .
  • They managed to catch Power a short distance away and asked him what he had been doing.
  • Afterwards it was Accies who had pushed up the table away from their hosts.
  • People need be entertained to take their attention away from conflict.
  • Tom was forcing me to shift focus away from the one person that I loved most and I loathed him for it.
  • They made off in the postmaster's car, which was discovered a short distance away .
  • the soldiers had melted away
  • With the referendum over whether we want an elected mayor only a few weeks away , the debate continues.
  • The Tories will continue to hack away at the British state, handing more and more to the private sector.
  • They both left, though, and the run of success ebbed away .
  • the smell drove them away
  • I saw the cardboard blow apart as the flash went off about ten feet away .