aversion - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of aversion in Hindi

  • घृणा
  • द्वेष
  • विरोध
  • विमुखता
  • विरक्ति
  • विरुचि

aversion Definition

  • a strong dislike or disinclination. ( एक मजबूत नापसंद या मोहभंग। )

aversion Example

  • The U.S. government has a strong aversion to any commitments it does not think it will keep. ( अमेरिकी सरकार के पास किसी भी प्रतिबद्धताओं के लिए एक मजबूत विरोधाभास है जो यह नहीं सोचता कि वह इसे रखेगा। )
  • On the other hand, if the diet was familiar to them, then they did not form a significant aversion to it. ( दूसरी ओर, यदि आहार उनसे परिचित था, तो उन्होंने इसके लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण विरोध नहीं किया। )
  • Schopenhauer had an aversion to fighting, and even more of an aversion to fighting on the Prussian side against the French. ( शोपेनहावर के पास लड़ने के लिए एक विरोधाभास था, और फ्रेंच के खिलाफ प्रशिया की ओर से लड़ने के लिए एक और भी अधिक फैलाव था। )
  • What unites them is not an aversion to change, but an aversion to imposed change. ( जो चीज उन्हें एकजुट करती है वह परिवर्तन के लिए नहीं बल्कि थोपे गए परिवर्तन के लिए एक विरोधाभास है। )
  • How could a taste for certain bright colours or an aversion to others possibly have helped our ancestors to survive? ( कुछ चमकीले रंगों का स्वाद या दूसरों के प्रति घृणा कैसे संभवत: हमारे पूर्वजों को जीवित रहने में मदद कर सकती है? )
  • After 20-odd years of this, my sister and I had a strong aversion to turkey, as it reminded us of some of the worst ever days of our lives. ( इसके 20 साल बाद, मुझे और मेरी बहन को टर्की के प्रति गहरा विरोध हुआ, क्योंकि इसने हमें हमारे जीवन के कुछ सबसे बुरे दिनों की याद दिला दी। )

More Sentence 

  • I was a radio deejay for a time, so I have a strong aversion to anybody tampering with my visions of a real artist.
  • For the most part, I hate losing hard earned money, hence my aversion to Las Vegas.
  • Ultimately what it amounts to is an aversion to pretentiousness and egomania.
  • Your latex allergy has brought me untold misery and your aversion to hot wax has cost me hundreds at the laser salon.
  • This impression was often based on an aversion to the strong odour of the camels rather than the cameleers themselves.
  • Not surprisingly, the aversion may be stronger when the person in question is a stranger.
  • So many of us strive to raise our children with good moral values including an aversion to violence and aggression.
  • Victims would develop an aversion to garlic and other blood-thinning agents.
  • he had a deep-seated aversion to most forms of exercise
  • He also observed the students learning an aversion to investigating patients' social and psychological problems.
  • On the other hand, the standard tones could mean a lack of daring or even an aversion to technology.
  • they made plain their aversion to the use of force
  • She liked him, which is extremely important given her strong aversion to doctors.
  • my dog's pet aversion is visitors, particularly males
  • Our palates all have the same five types of detectors, the same aversion to bitter and mania for sweet.
  • Rats have evolved a strong, innate aversion to the smells of their predators.
  • He had an aversion to horror movies, but he would have preferred one to what he had seen on the screen.
  • One of my pet aversions is sitting cooped up in an aircraft in a not too spacious or comfortable seat and being pummeled.
  • The disciplined worker, he indicated, ‘was entitled to his own pet aversions .’
  • He understands what really are the reinforcers and aversive stimuli in the everyday lives of everyday people, like you and me and him and Skinner and Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
  • This led to their conclusion that odors associated with toxicity, like warning colors, can have a special intrinsic warning value and trigger innate aversions .
  • Through our strong aversive reactions to substances such as feces, decaying meat, corpses, and other bodily waste, we police the boundaries of our body from contamination every day.
  • Negative reinforcement involves the removal of an aversive stimulus that also results in an increase in the future frequency of a behavior, and often involves escape or avoidance responding.
  • For example, if organism A sees organism B running in obvious alarm, A will probably avoid aversive consequences by running in the same direction.