authorize - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of authorize in Hindi

  • अधिकृत
  • अधिकार देना
  • मुख्तार बनाना
  • प्राधिकृत करना
  • अधिकृत करना

authorize Definition

  • give official permission for or approval to (an undertaking or agent). ( या (एक उपक्रम या एजेंट) के लिए या अनुमति के लिए आधिकारिक अनुमति दें। )

authorize Example

  • Some Democrats who voted to authorize the use of force are now rewriting the past. ( बल के उपयोग को अधिकृत करने के लिए मतदान करने वाले कुछ डेमोक्रेट अब अतीत को फिर से लिख रहे हैं। )
  • However, they cannot authorize projects without the approval of the appropriate ethics committee. ( हालांकि, वे उचित आचार समिति की मंजूरी के बिना परियोजनाओं को अधिकृत नहीं कर सकते हैं। )
  • The majority held that the warrant did not authorize the officers to search anyone but the drug dealer himself. ( बहुमत ने माना कि वारंट ने अधिकारियों को किसी और को खोजने के लिए अधिकृत नहीं किया, लेकिन खुद ड्रग डीलर। )
  • I would not have voted to authorize use of force had the intelligence not been as substantial as it was. ( मैं बल के उपयोग को अधिकृत करने के लिए मतदान नहीं करता था, खुफिया में उतना पर्याप्त नहीं था जितना कि यह था। )
  • All official labor unions there are authorized by the government and do not oppose official policies. ( सभी आधिकारिक श्रमिक संघ सरकार द्वारा अधिकृत हैं और आधिकारिक नीतियों का विरोध नहीं करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • If they obstructed the inspections, then the UN might sanction forcing the issue by authorizing an attack.
  • The police then use that knowledge to get a warrant authorizing them to search a physical place for evidence of the crime.
  • The only exception is when the sign is authorised by law or has planning permission.
  • Francis authorized the stadium official at the scene to allow the game to proceed.
  • How did you reach the decision to oppose authorizing the use of force?
  • In a society ruled by law, the use of public power should be authorized and permitted by laws.
  • The estate agent hadn't been authorised by the solicitor to release the keys to us yet.
  • The broker then authorizes his agents in the United States to pay for the goods the importers have ordered.
  • The previous government had already issued an order authorising its demolition.
  • Anyone wanting to take pictures has to get written permission and wear a sticker showing they are authorised .
  • The person in possession, however, may authorise others to give permission to enter.
  • The force will be authorised during its three-month mission to shoot to kill if necessary.
  • A leaked memo indicates the police were authorized to use lethal force if they felt threatened.
  • Congress argued about and approved a resolution authorizing war.
  • When he asked the police if they had an official document authorising this surveillance, they refused to reply.