armchair - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of armchair in Hindi

  • आर्म्चेर
  • बंहदार कुरसी
  •  हत्थेदार कुर्सी
  • अव्यवहारिक

armchair Definition


  • a comfortable chair, typically upholstered, with side supports for a person's arms. ( एक आरामदायक कुर्सी, आमतौर पर असबाबवाला, पक्ष के साथ एक व्यक्ति की बाहों के लिए समर्थन करता है। )


  • lacking or not involving practical or direct experience of a particular subject or activity. ( किसी विशेष विषय या गतिविधि का व्यावहारिक या प्रत्यक्ष अनुभव न होना। )

armchair Example

  • armchair traveller ( कुर्सी यात्री )
  • an armchair traveller ( एक कुर्सी यात्री )
  • This is probably one reason why, in my opinion, the British are a nation of armchair forecasters. ( यह संभवतः एक कारण है कि, मेरी राय में, ब्रिटिश आर्मचेयर पूर्वानुमानकर्ताओं का एक राष्ट्र हैं। )
  • Unfortunately, what we have here is not simply the ravings of two armchair generals. ( दुर्भाग्य से, हमारे यहां जो कुछ भी है वह केवल दो आर्मचेयर जनरलों की बीहड़ों में नहीं है। )
  • The event is also being televised to thousands more armchair spectators. ( इस कार्यक्रम को हजारों और आर्मचेयर दर्शकों को भी दिखाया जा रहा है। )
  • He's also something of an armchair psychologist who enjoys reading Freud and other analysts. ( वह एक आर्मचेयर मनोवैज्ञानिक भी हैं, जिन्हें फ्रायड और अन्य विश्लेषकों को पढ़ने में मज़ा आता है। )
  • What do these armchair counter-terrorists propose that Moscow should have done? ( इन आर्मचेयर आतंकवादियों का प्रस्ताव क्या है जो मॉस्को को करना चाहिए था? )
  • The idea of downloading a film rather than trudging off to Blockbusters in the rain is an appealing one for armchair movie fans. ( बारिश में फिल्म को ब्लॉकबस्टर करने के बजाय एक फिल्म को डाउनलोड करने का विचार आर्मचेयर फिल्म के प्रशंसकों के लिए एक आकर्षक है। )
  • Using recycled paper has become a badge of honour worn proudly by armchair eco-warriors keen to save the planet. ( पुनर्नवीनीकरण कागज का उपयोग करना ग्रह को बचाने के लिए उत्सुक इको-योद्धाओं द्वारा गर्व से पहना सम्मान का बिल्ला बन गया है। )
  • It's like armchair generals who've never served in the armed forces. ( यह आर्मचेयर जनरलों की तरह है जिन्होंने कभी सशस्त्र बलों में सेवा नहीं दी है। )
  • If there is a blackout of league football next season, even armchair viewers will have to find a new occupation. ( अगर अगले सीज़न में लीग फुटबॉल का ब्लैकआउट होता है, तो भी आर्मचेयर दर्शकों को एक नया व्यवसाय ढूंढना होगा। )

More Sentence

  • I've turned into an armchair traveler, so I'll update from my red rattan chair.
  • The benefits of the action replay have long been acknowledged by armchair sports fans.
  • There has been much armchair speculation on this question, but remarkably little evidence.
  • In relation to what Colonel Gardiner told Adams, then, how did we all do as armchair generals?
  • Midweek matches often have to compete with big TV games and floating fans appear to be choosing the armchair option.
  • armchair critic
  • Sitting on a long couch are three armchair athletes with dour expressions on their faces.
  • armchair adventurers
  • All of which will make his discomfort even more delicious for us armchair observers to enjoy.
  • The best book on suicide had already been written, and it considered the subject from much more than an armchair perspective.
  • Even the most amateur of armchair psychologists will detect a whiff of over-analysis here.
  • The result is a unique perspective applauded by armchair naturalists in which the stars of the film are also the videographers.
  • Almost all other commentary was grotesque - the work of armchair generals.
  • Two armchairs stood by each side of the hearth and I sat down in one of them to get warm.
  • Immediately upon entering there was a living room, with a sofa and two armchairs .
  • The visitors' lounge turned out to be a kind of living room, with a sofa and a rug and several armchairs .
  • On delivery, I discovered that one of the armchairs did not have the footrest feature that I ordered.
  • Tea served in wicker armchairs at three am gives a colonial feel to the place.
  • Central to the room was a conversation sofa, flanked on either side by a suite of comfortable Georgian buttoned leather armchairs .