arable - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of arable in Hindi

  • कृषि योग्य
  • कृष्ट
  • खेती के लायक
  • जुताई योग्‍य
  • हल चलाने लायक

arable Definition


  • (of land) used or suitable for growing crops. ( (भूमि का) बढ़ी हुई फसलों के लिए प्रयुक्त या उपयुक्त। )


  • arable land or crops. ( कृषि योग्य भूमि या फसल। )

arable Example

  • Since seed - yield ratios did not increase agricultural productivity, increase in the arable from reclamation projects such as those in the Veneto, Piedmont, and the Tuscan Maremma were necessary. ( चूंकि बीज - उपज अनुपात कृषि उत्पादकता में वृद्धि नहीं करते थे, इसलिए वेतालो, पीडमोंट और टस्कन मरम्मा जैसे पुनर्विकास परियोजनाओं से कृषि योग्य में वृद्धि आवश्यक थी। )
  • Already, he estimates the disastrous growing season has cost him thousands of pounds - and it's the same or worse for arable farmers and market gardeners in many parts of the country. ( पहले से ही, वह अनुमान लगाता है कि विनाशकारी बढ़ते मौसम ने उसे हजारों पाउंड खर्च किए हैं - और यह देश के कई हिस्सों में कृषि योग्य किसानों और बाजार के बागवानों के लिए समान या बदतर है। )
  • The Chase itself is a rolling chalkland landscape, with sheep scattering the uplands and mainly arable farming taking place in the valleys. ( चेस अपने आप में एक रोलिंग चाकलैंड लैंडस्केप है, जिसमें भेड़-बकरियों के झुंड और मुख्य रूप से घाटियों में होने वाली कृषि योग्य खेती होती है। )
  • When we get this harvest behind us, the next question facing the struggling arable farmer will be whether to drill as many cereals this autumn. ( जब हम अपने पीछे यह फसल प्राप्त करते हैं, तो संघर्षरत किसान के सामने अगला सवाल यह होगा कि इस शरद ऋतु में कितने अनाज उगाए जाएं। )
  • Some cyanobacteria do not require fresh water, nitrate - based fertilizer, or even arable land to grow and flourish. ( कुछ साइनोबैक्टीरिया को बढ़ने और पनपने के लिए ताजे पानी, नाइट्रेट - आधारित उर्वरक, या यहां तक ​​कि कृषि योग्य भूमि की आवश्यकता नहीं होती है। )
  • The fertile Brahmaputra valley allowed the people on its banks fertile arable land in ample quantity. ( उपजाऊ ब्रह्मपुत्र घाटी ने अपने बैंकों के लोगों को पर्याप्त मात्रा में कृषि योग्य भूमि उपजाऊ बनाने की अनुमति दी। )
  • Known as the breadbasket of Scotland, on account of its fertile arable land, East Lothian is also yielding impressive profits for those lucky enough to own property there. ( स्कॉटलैंड के ब्रेडबैकेट के रूप में जाना जाता है, इसकी उपजाऊ कृषि योग्य भूमि के कारण, ईस्ट लोथियन उन भाग्यशाली लोगों के लिए प्रभावशाली लाभ कमा रहा है, जिनके पास खुद की संपत्ति है। )
  • Livestock farming and arable farming are both major influences on Britain's wild plant flora. ( ब्रिटेन के जंगली पौधे वनस्पतियों पर पशुधन की खेती और कृषि योग्य कृषि दोनों प्रमुख प्रभाव हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Agricultural improvement required the elimination of the fallow and the raising of yields, but such innovation required more animals: manure-machines for the arable .
  • First, he suspected that the wheat - the last crop in his arable rotation - wasn't getting enough residual fertility.
  • For his part, all the king had to do was give away a few hectares of arable land to his lowlier vassals and perhaps throw in a coronet to sweeten the deal for his more well-heeled subjects.
  • This provides enough food for about 10 people for 365 days a year from each hectare of arable land, depending on how much they eat.
  • The farming operation at Baydon Farm was primarily arable , whilst that at Park Farm was primarily a dairy unit.
  • Mr Fuller has been part of JSR Farming for about 30 years, managing arable of about 900 acres and livestock on 500 acres at Givendale.
  • Roger Hopley, a sheep and arable farmer in Staffordshire, said: ‘This is the first fine day for a while, and the lads have a week's work to catch up on, so it's been quieter.’
  • Estates with relatively more grazing were more efficient than estates with relatively more arable or mixed farming.
  • But uncomfortable as dust-storms may be for town and city dwellers, by far their worst effect is the stripping of topsoil from Australia's arable land.
  • Meurig Raymond, whose enterprises include arable and beef production, warned that world grain output had not kept pace with consumption.
  • If they are arable farmers they probably receive support under the Arable Area Payment Scheme.
  • Its output will be equivalent to the power needs of 2,000 homes, and hundreds of farmers in the surrounding area will be asked to switch land from arable crops to elephant grass.
  • As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.
  • After France's loss of her colonial empire the merchants of Nantes and Bordeaux sank their capital in the arable land and vineyards of the hinterland.
  • The innovative Tellus teaching pack narrates the adventures of four young Europeans as they explore arable farming, fruit and vegetables, livestock farming, fishing and forestry.
  • This area of the nation had once been an incredibly rich source of arable land.
  • The economy of the country was based on rearing cattle and, increasingly, sheep, and gradually extending (from waste or forest) the acreage under arable crops.
  • Soil erosion was mainly the result of arable cultivation brought about by the demand for cereals and legumes.
  • Soya has become the cash crop for half of Argentina's arable land, more than 11m hectares, most situated on fragile pampas lands on the vast plains.
  • Clover supplies nitrogen for crop growth and precedes arable crops in the rotation.
  • Just before the late summer sunburst farmers were in desperate straits because so little of their arable crop had been harvested, and huge losses were expected.
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