ancient - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of ancient in Hindi

  • प्राचीन
  • पुराने चलन का
  • पुरातन
  • पुराना

ancient Definition


  • a standard, flag, or ensign. ( एक मानक, ध्वज, या पताका। )
  • an old person. ( एक बूढ़ा व्यक्ति। )


  • belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence. ( बहुत दूर अतीत से संबंधित है और अब अस्तित्व में नहीं है। )

ancient Example

  • Simply put, the tactic has been to make the Clayoquot issue too hard to follow, and in the confusion evade having to fundamentally change the practice of logging in ancient forests. ( सीधे शब्दों में कहें, तो क्लेकोक्वाट मुद्दे को पालन करने के लिए रणनीति को कठिन बना दिया गया है, और भ्रम की स्थिति में मौलिक रूप से प्राचीन जंगलों में प्रवेश करने के अभ्यास को बदलना होगा। )
  • An ancient sign nailed to the front of the largest barn bore the inscription Dog's Ear. ( एक प्राचीन चिन्ह जो सबसे बड़े खलिहान के सामने से घिरा हुआ था, जो शिलालेख डॉग्स ईयर से भरा था। )
  • I've now lost more than necessary, and am again able to wear ancient pairs of jeans from my youth. ( मैंने अब आवश्यकता से अधिक खो दिया है, और मैं अपनी युवावस्था से फिर से जींस के प्राचीन जोड़े पहनने में सक्षम हूं। )
  • It is about the survival of the ancient shola forests of Tamil Nadu, with whatever is left of their endemic flora and fauna after the tampering of colonial and independent India. ( यह औपनिवेशिक और स्वतंत्र भारत के छेड़छाड़ के बाद अपने स्थानिक वनस्पतियों और जीवों के बचे हुए तमिलनाडु के प्राचीन शोला जंगलों के अस्तित्व के बारे में है। )
  • Their lives are disrupted when an ancient sword belonging to Li - the legendary Green Destiny - is stolen and the main suspect is the murderous fugitive Jade Fox. ( उनके जीवन बाधित हो जाते हैं जब ली से संबंधित एक प्राचीन तलवार - पौराणिक ग्रीन डेस्टिनी - चोरी हो जाती है और मुख्य संदिग्ध जानलेवा भगोड़ा जेड फॉक्स है। )
  • Some say my epiphanic places are places I've known in past lives, and that what I'm feeling is the distant echo of ancient memories, sweetened with the savor of immortality. ( कुछ लोग कहते हैं कि मेरी पुरानी जगहों में वे स्थान हैं जिन्हें मैंने पिछले जन्मों में जाना है, और जो मैं महसूस कर रहा हूं वह प्राचीन यादों की दूर की गूँज है, जो अमरता के स्वाद से मीठा है। )
  • Temple Bar used to be located where the Strand meets Fleet Street, one of the ancient gateways into the City of London, named after the local Inns of Court. ( टेम्पल बार का उपयोग उस स्थान पर किया जाता था जहां स्ट्रैंड फ्लीट स्ट्रीट से मिलता है, जो लंदन शहर में प्राचीन गेटवे में से एक है, जिसका नाम स्थानीय इंस कोर्ट के नाम पर रखा गया है। )
  • Fang Binghai has collected over 200 ancient boxes over the past 13 years. ( फांग बिंगहाई ने पिछले 13 वर्षों में 200 से अधिक प्राचीन बक्से एकत्र किए हैं। )
  • Women were banned from competing and spectating at the original Games, and shot put is barely 100 years old, so the direct linkage with the ancient past was tenuous. ( महिलाओं को मूल खेलों में प्रतिस्पर्धा करने और देखने से प्रतिबंधित कर दिया गया था, और शॉट पुट मुश्किल से 100 साल पुराना है, इसलिए प्राचीन अतीत के साथ सीधा संबंध टेनसेंट था। )

More Sentence

  • But it is not only the ancient past that concerns them.
  • He said Love Lane was an historic footpath which was said to be the ancient way from the Forest of Galtres to the City of York.
  • Yan performed at Yifu Theatre this Sunday, acting as an ancient official, wearing a long beard.
  • As night falls, the young boys are led away into the forest, chanting ancient songs as they follow the lamps away from childhood.
  • The forests are ancient , and there's evidence that man has been here for some time, with rock paintings dating back 5,000 years.
  • Someone cranks up a pair of ancient machines capable of playing videotapes and DVDs.
  • According to the newspaper, the coin belonged to an ancient civilization that flourished in Al-Jouf.
  • From the hut, hike up through the barren moonscape of the lower mountain, past ancient aqueducts and cliff bands.
  • Sorin (Jozsef Gyabronka, one of the actors who can always be heard) is not the usual whingeing ancient , but a sardonic, angry old man who can laugh bitterly at himself.
  • He also fails to mention the growing interest of many Iranians in their ancient past and faith and the possible repercussions for the country.
  • The neighboring buildings had been updated and shuffled from owner to owner, but this one still had an ancient sign with peeling paint and faded print.
  • The Marathi playwright and Marxist intellectual turns to India's ancient past to pinpoint the moment of empire.
  • My preference would be to close this valuable ancient gateway to all transport, by allowing incoming traffic to use a new road to the left of the bar, replacing the present pedestrian only access.
  • A few of the other welcoming faces belonged to friends from my ancient past as a corporate drone.
  • The reason why my cranium was not injured was because I was wearing an ancient , yellow climbing helmet.
  • I am neither a child, a young man, nor an ancient ; nor am I of any caste.
  • Coasting loose-limbed on an ancient bike, almost Cassius-faced in a green wool coat.
  • He wore faded Wranglers, ancient cowboy boots and a brown, plaid Western - style shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
  • And across our bloody meadows, open commons, and ancient forests Britain's heritage army is steeling itself for combat.
  • Often no more than a single lane, it coils around villages perched on precipices, past waterfalls and over ancient stone bridges.
  • It's hard to let go of that ancient bike, rusting quietly away in the corner of the shed, cobwebbed to the first lawnmower you ever owned.